Gmail Pop3 Unable To Fetch Mail

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Gmail pop3 unable to fetch mail

The server denied POP3 access to Gmail for the given username and password

If you don’t want to access Gmail through its web interface, you can configure an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to obtain email messages from the Gmail server using POP3 access.

If mail retrieval through the client fails, a potential cause could be a wrong username and password combination.

Gmail username and password

When you log into Gmail from the web you can do so using two methods:

By typing your Gmail username, which appears before the “” ending, or by entering your full email address.

In any of these cases, you can successfully log into your Gmail account through the”, or by entering your full email address.

In either case, you can successfully log into your Gmail account via the web.

Gmail POP3 credentials

When you configure a Gmail account through POP3 within a mail client, on the other hand, the rules about the credentials you must use are more strict.

That is, you must use “” as the username.

Otherwise, the process of getting emails from the server fails because your email client is not able to locate a Gmail account simply by the username.

Incoming and outgoing mail servers

Another essential step to correctly add Gmail to a mail client is to enter the addresses of the incoming and outgoing mail servers correctly.

For the incoming mail server, this is, while outgoing mail requires

Make sure to check the box to use “SSL Encryption” for incoming mail and “Authentication” for outgoing mail.

Change of password

If you enter your username and mail server information correctly, another reason getting mail from Gmail may fail is if you changed your password since you set up the account to work with the mail client.

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To edit the password, open the account settings interface for the Gmail account and replace the existing password with the new one.

Get mail from another account using Gmail

To receive the email from another email account we can have Gmail check and obtain the emails from the original account.

It is essential that the mail server of the account from which we want to obtain the mails is compatible with POP3.

Gmail allows us to add a maximum of five accounts using POP3.

Steps to add an account using POP3

We are going to see the necessary steps, which are very simple.

  • We must click on the account settings (upper right gear wheel) and go to settings.
  • Then, we will see several submenus at the top; we click on accounts and import.
  • We will see a section to check mail from other accounts using POP3.
  • Now you should click on the =>Add a POP3 email account<=
  • In the “Check mail from other accounts (via POP3)” section, click on add your own POP3 email account.
  • A pop-up window will open in which we will be asked to enter the email address of the account whose messages we want to obtain. We write our account and go to the next step.
  • Now we have to enter the original account data, which are the Username, the account password, the POP server name, and the server port. If you do not know the data, now we will see which are the most common.

What are the data of our email account for POP3 access?

We will have entered some of this data ourselves, but sometimes it may be necessary to ask our hosting provider.

  • Username: Usually it is the same as the full email account. Come on, if your account is, your username is probably also It is also possible that it is simply the word before the @ ( account in the example) in an email account, but it is less likely.
  • Password: The password you use to access your email account.
  • POP server: If you are not sure of the name, ask your hosting provider, who should provide it. Anyway, I will tell you that the most common is that it is
  • Port: You will see a list of ports and like the POP server, it should be provided by your hosting provider. If you know the other data you can go testing, but it is usual for it to be 110. So start testing with that.
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Additional configuration options

You will also see more additional options. Let’s see what they are for.

  • Leave a copy of the recovered message on the server: By default, messages are deleted from the original server when they are recovered by another account, but you can check this option if you want the messages to be deleted from the server.
  • To retrieve emails, always use a secure connection (SSL): Check this option in case the mail server uses SSL connections, but don’t check it otherwise. When in doubt, do not check this option.
  • Label incoming messages: You can select or write the name of a label so that the messages from the email account that we are configuring are automatically labeled with it.
  • Archive incoming messages: If you want the messages from this account to be archived as soon as they are received. Not recommended, since you will not know if you have new messages or not.

In case you also want to be able to send messages from your Gmail account as if you were sending them from the original account (something very common).

In this guide, we will see how to send an email from another email account from Gmail.


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