How to get iCSee for PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac

get-icsee-pc-windows-7-8-10-macHome security comes first since everyone deserves a secure and safe home. This is why the ICSee software was developed by a team of outstanding stallions. The ICSee software allows its users to work with front-end devices this includes robots and doorbells as well. However, the application is available for Android devices only. But as to every problem, there is a solution, did you that you can access this application via your personal computer without a sweat.

Using emulators is one why people can access android applications on different devices. The big question is how?

There are many emulators out there, some demanding one to pay first before using their services, but there is one emulator that is completely free and available to all users. BlueStacks has continuously amazed users from all over the world with its amazing capabilities. Following through we are going to help you understand how you can install ICSee into your PC using the BlueStacks emulator (ICSee for PC).

ICSee for PC

Installing ICSee for Windows requires that you install the BlueStacks software for Windows first.

Step One: Download the software from BlueStacks’ main site. You can follow this link to the main site Link.

Step Two: Once you are on the main site, there should be a Button telling you to download the latest version of the BlueStacks emulator. Click the button and let it direct you to where you can download the installer. Ensure you choose the correct installer before downloading it( BlueStacks for Windows).

Step Three: The installer will take a few minutes to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.

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Step Four: After the installer is ready,’ Click on the installer which should be located with the downloads.

Step Five: One minute or two should be enough to install the software into your PC.

Step Six: The BlueStacks icons should be located on your home page. Click the icon and allow the application to launch. For the first time will require you to activate your Google account before proceeding. You can use your active account or opt to create a new google account.

Installing the ICSee application

The ICSee application is available on the Google Play store. Once you have Activated your account you can search for the application and download it into BlueStacks.

The installation is also dependant on the speed of your internet connection. If you have a fast internet connection it should be a second or a minute.

Once the application has been installed you can open it and enjoy it.

ICSee for Mac

Mac uses a completely different OS, this is why when choosing with BlueStacks to download always go for the one meant for MacBook.

Installing BlueStacks on Mac

Step One: Visit BlueStacks main site at

Step Two: Click the download BlueStacks button, this should take you to a page where you can download the software. Select BlueStacks for Mac and click download to begin the process.
The download process should take at least 10 minutes at most on a slow internet connection.


Step Three: Install the application on your PC using the installer. You should also ensure that you have allowed installation from unknown sources otherwise the application will not be installed.

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Step Four: Launch the application on your Mac

Installing ICSee on Mac

Once the BlueStacks software has been installed on Mac the next step is very simple. All you have to do is install the search for ICSee via BlueStacks and install it. It takes less than ten minutes and you will be done.

ICSee is the best security solution for your home, you never know when you will need it but it’s best to have it on your PC and use it when suspicious of something. Experience technology at its best from your PC.

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