How To Download And Install Genimotion Android Emulator

genymotion-iconEver heard of an emulator? Well if you have, you already know that most emulators will allow you to use Android apps on your Windows device. With the Genimotion emulator, the description is still the same but the Genimotion emulator is quite advanced compared to the other emulators.

Genimotion emulator allows you to test other Android apps or large game downloads on virtual devices like your laptop or Windows computer. Genimotion is also very fast compared to other emulators on the market. This is because the Genimotion emulator takes advantage of the OpenGL-capable graphics cards, therefore, making it faster. In fact, the Genimotion emulator is currently ranked at number one while BlueStacks – which is among the best Android emulators – ranks at number 6.


In this article, we will explain to you how you can get the Genimotion emulator on your Windows PC. But first, let’s look at some important elements of this emulator.

Is Genymotion Emulator Free?

Since most of the other Android emulators are free to use many people have asked if the Genimotion emulator is free. Well to put it clear Genymotion emulator is not entirely free because it has both a free version and a premium one.

Genymotion emulator’s free version is purely for personal use and it should never be used for business or for trial.

How to Download Genymotion on PC

Before you download the software you need to be sure that your computer has enough RAM. Genymotion emulator requires that you have 4 GB RAM and a 200 MB disc space. If you have a computer with 4GB RAM or above you are on the safer side when downloading the emulator on your PC.

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Once you have met the requirements, proceed to the official website of the Genymotion Emulator on your PC. click on the download button and wait as the EXE file is downloading on your PC.


Next, extract the files from the zipped file and download the emulator on your Windows PC. after downloading and extracting the zipped file, the next step is to select your language. You will have various dialects to browse.

Simply change the language to your fitting and proceed by clicking next. From here, the emulator will then prompt you to run the emulator on your PC and you can go ahead and click on NEXT.

Once you click next you will be led to another series of following the prompts. Following the prompts allows you to download the emulator safely on your PC.

With that said, the emulator is now safely working on your device. With this emulator, you can simply test any Android apps on your PC without having to download the Android emulators on your PC. The emulator is also very fast as compared to other emulators in the market. Also, if you are looking for an emulator that is safe even when playing Android games and testing Android apps, then Genymotion is your go-to emulator.

Bottom Line

These days more and more people are looking to use an Android emulator like Genymotion on their PC. Genymotion is not only affordable but also effective and fast in testing Android apps and playing Android games on your PC.

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Among the many Emulators available on the internet, Genymotion proves to be one of the safest among them. So if you are looking for a free emulator but also a safe one you can’t go further than the Genymotion emulator.

However, you must know that the free version of this emulator is only for personal use and not for business or trial use. If you want to use it for your business you will have to pay for the premium version. Otherwise, the emulator is worth every coin you can invest in.

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