Install FlipaClip App On Your PC Using BlueStacks Emulator

flipaclip-app-for-pc-free-downloadFlipaClip can be described as an extremely user-friendly animation app. The app uses its artificial intelligence to create animated videos. Flipaclip is packed with an array of different tools to help you in creating animated videos as much as you would want them to be.

Currently, FlipaClip is only available for iOS and Android devices, and you can download it easily from the Google play store on your iOS and Android devices.

While this excellent app is not readily available for PC, there is no need to worry. In this piece, we are going to help you with this easy method that you are going to use to download FlipaClip for your Laptop/PC.

FlipaClip for PC Features

Whether your aim is to storyboard, to sketch, or to learn how to animate, FlipaClip will allow you to express your creativity attractively. With the below-listed features, FlipaClip can bring your thoughts and ideas to life.

FlipaClip has a wide range of drawing tools such as brushes, erasers, lasso, fill, enter text and ruler shapes. They are all free to use, with no strings attached.


The canvas sizes which are up to 1920 X1920 are also very exciting for people who love bigger animations or drawings.

If you are not new to the apple pencil, then you can also enjoy it on this app.
For animation, you are offered up to 3 layers free and up to 10 layers if you go premium. The onion layers allow you to view ghost images of before and after frames.

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This animation app also lets you create videos using your sketches and imaginations. This feature also highlights your mistakes to give you flawless and detailed learning.

Another great feature of this animation app is that it also lets you share your videos with social platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, among others.

You can also add or edit audio clips in your creations using the free audios available for you in the animation app. With this feature, you can also add some dialogue to your created animations using your voice recordings.

As you can see, FlipaClip will provide you with an opportunity to become an expert in animation and your art. So how can you get to use this incredible app on your laptop? We are going to give you a pen picture of how you can download FlipaClip for PC on your laptop/PC.

Download FlipaClip for PC (Windows & Mac)

FlipaClip is currently available to download directly on Android and iOS devices. Since it is easier to use the app on your pc, we have articulated a method in which you can get the app to work on your pc using an Android emulator such as BlueStacks.

BlueStacks is the best emulator in the market at the moment, so you need to head on to their website and download this Android emulator on your PC.


Once installed, head on to Google play store and sign in. On Google play store search for FlipaClip for PC and double click on it when you see it.

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Now leave it to download then go ahead and install it on BlueStacks. After installation is complete, you can now start using it on your PC without any restrictions.

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