Fix: Windows 10 Search Box Not Working

The windows 10 operating system has many new features, windows search box one of them.

These tools allow you to search all things on your computer, but what happens if these search tools do not work.

This is why we will teach you what to do when the windows 10 search box does not work.

You can search for files and programs that are on the PC.

But unfortunately, this search tool can stop working suddenly.

And then, we will indicate the simple steps you must follow to correct this problem.

Fix: Windows 10 Search Box Not Working

Fix: Windows 10 Search Box Not Working

When we have a problem of this type, the primary solution comes to restarting the computer, but it may not work anyway.

Then we can continue the person in charge of managing folders and files.

And the one that makes sure the search box and start menu work Windows Explorer correctly.

To do this simple task, we will resort to keyboard shortcuts to open the task manager.

Then we will press the “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” keys.

Once the box is displayed on the screen, we will look for the Windows Explorer process.

We will position ourselves on it with the cursor, and we will right-click and choose the Restart option.

Without any complications, you have solved the problem when Windows 10 Search Box Not Working.

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