How do I fix not enough space on my Android

Probably all of us who have had a low-end smartphone have happened that, after a long time of use, this phone no longer allowed us to install absolutely nothing due to not enough storage.

How do I fix not enough space on my Android

To free this space, we have several options:

Clear cache and temporary files

Our applications have a type of files called cache that serve to load more quickly and smoothly.

These files are stored on our device and the greater the use of this application, the greater the space that these files can occupy.

Enter the applications that we want to clear the cache from the settings menu , within the Applications section.

Once there we will enter the application we want and we will click the button to clear the cache.

Clear app data

Sometimes this can help a lot, although the truth is that it has some consequences that may persuade some.

The process is carried out from the same place that the applications cache is cleared, only instead of clearing the cache we will erase the data.

although if we delete the  app data from, for example, the Facebook app we will have to log in again.

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