How To Fix League Of Legends Firewall Error

Windows Firewall is a security tool for the computer.

But sometimes, the system confuses games and applications with potential threats or create problems.

If you faced problems when downloading a game or update, go to the Firewall option and temporarily disable the firewall until the installation is complete.

The firewall can create error connectivity problems when download or update the game.

How to add Firewall exceptions for League of Legends

How To Fix League Of Legends Firewall Error

Follow this step:

  • First, go to “Control Panel.
  • Select “System and Security” Option
  • Then click on “Windows Defender Firewall.” next, click “Allow an app or feature through windows firewall.
  • See the list of all applications; you should find the “League of legends.” application name.
  • Check them in both “Private” and “Public” options are checked mark.
  • Next, select “Change Settings” and click the “Allow Another App” option.
  • The default two executables are:
  1. C:/Riot Games/LeagueofLegends/lol.launcher.exe

  2. C:/Riot Games/League ofLegends/RADS/systemrads_user_kernel.exe

  • add these two executables and click “OK.”

How to disable windows firewall

follow this step:

  • First, go to “Control Panel.
  • Select “System and Security” Option
  • Then select “Turn Windows Firewall off.” when you turn on the windows firewall, “Turn Windows Firewall on.” click on it.

We hope these steps help you solve your League of Legends firewall error problems.

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