How To Fix League Of Legends Black Screen In Windows 10

I’m going to help you with a problem that recently happened in the League of legends.

but now it’s more our common problem in the League of legends game the loading screen black or stuck show, and you cannot connect to your game.

Okay, so it took a few hours to figure out the problem.

League of Legends Black Screen: What’s Causing it?

Bugs are nothing new in the League of Legends game. There must be some bugs in the online game, and such a bag is the black screen problem.

SOLVED: How to fix League of Legends black screen issues in Windows 10

How To Fix League Of Legends Black Screen In Windows 10

Solution 1: Update your Pc GPU Driver

It is essential to have the latest version installed on your computer or the video driver’s version (GPU) installed.

Usually, Windows 10 also downloads the latest driver version when you update the computer.

To make sure your computer has the latest driver version installed, visit your GPU manufacturer’s website and see the updates.

Solution 2: Clean boot your computer

By booting your PC cleanly, you force it to use a very minimal set of necessary drivers and programs.

In this way, your computer will manage all its resources to get the game. Here is the method to follow:

  • Frist command press the “Win+R” key or simply click “Windows Search Button.
  • Then type “Msconfig.” and press enter button.
  • Go to the “Services tab.” and then click the Hide all Microsoft services “Checkmark.” then click the “Disable All.” button.
  • In the second step, Open “Task Manager” and click “Startup Item.”
  • You can see the all list of applications here; click on the disable button you want to close.
  • Then Task manager application closed and reboot the computer.
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I hope you have Fix League Of Legends Black Screen In Windows 10.

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