How to Fix 3 Regular Google Play Store Errors Solutions?

It is impossible to find a user who uses an Android smartphone but does not know the Google Play Store.

Because this Play Store is the heart of Android. But sometimes we run into problems with the Play Store that we have to deal with.

How to Fix 3 Regular Google Play Store Errors Solutions?

This is my article about google play store error so that you can solve all these problems.

Problem Code: Google Play Error 495

Problem: No apps can be downloaded or updated with the Play Store.

Solution: Delete data from Google Play Store apps.

To resolve this issue, you must first go to Settings and then-

Step 1: Settings> Apps> All>

Step 2: Google Play Store> Clear data.


Similarly, delete the data of Google service framework apps.


Delete the Google Account you have set up on your phone.

Now restart the phone and go here again – Settings> Accounts> Add Account> Google Account.

Add your Google Account.

Problem Code: Google play Error 919

Problem: Apps downloaded from the Play Store do not work once opened.

Solution: This is not a problem. This problem occurs when the RAM of your phone is completely consumed.

So the simple solution is to restart the phone.

Problem Code: Google Play Error 921

Problem: “You can’t download an app.” Displays the message.

Solution: Delete all cache and data in Google Play Store. If that doesn’t work, remove the Google account, restart the phone, and add again.

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