EZVlZ for PC – Windows 7,8,10 & Mac – Free Download

ezvlz-pc-windows-7810-mac-free-downloadDo you desire all the things you can do with your Android phone on your desktop or laptop? Now you can stop wishing because the BlueStacks emulator has just granted you your wish.

Okay don’t get too excited before you rush off to download the application EZVIZ for PC, EZVIZ for Windows, EZVlZ for Mac strongly recommends for you first check out if your desktop or laptop has achieved the minimum requirements for you to run the application smoothly.

The minimal requirements are as follows:

1. The Operating system must be 32 bit only.

2. You must be the administrator on your PC.

3. Your Desktop or laptop must have 2 GB of ram or more.

4. Your computer’s graphic drivers must be updated.

Steps for downloading and installing EZVIZ for PC and Mac


If your computer has passed these requirements then you can proceed to the following link to start downloading BlueStacks ( http://www.bluestacks.com ). If your PC doesn’t pass the minimal requirements for it to run then you can decide to try your luck but am not promising any positive results. When on the site click download for the installer to begin downloading (might take a while it’s kind of a big package).

  • Once the download is complete proceed to the next step by clicking on the downloaded file for it to open. The installation process will begin automatically.
  • They will be several clicks to finish the installation.
  • Click “Next” to accept terms and conditions.
  • Advanced users can change the default location if they wish to or you can just let your computer choose the location.
  • Not forgetting BlueStacks is known to work at its best when Application access and App communications are enabled.
  • Install button will appear to click on it to finalize this process.
  • Once you have done that. Summarize it by clicking finish and the application will automatically open.
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Know you can go crazy by playing Android games on your PC, chatting in WhatApp, to keep it short just do all things Android without the limitations of a small screen.

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