How to Use DraStic DS Emulator on PC, Windows & Mac

drastic-ds-emulator-on-pc-windows-macTo install the DraStic DS Emulator for PC, Windows, and Mac, you will need an Android emulator called Nox App Player. With Nox, you can download and install the full version of the DraStic DS Emulator on your Mac, Windows 7, 8, 10 and PC.

Features of DraStic DS Emulator

In case you’re not familiar with DraStic DS, it’s a fast Nintendo emulator for Android. It allows Nintendo DS games to be played on many Android phones at full speed.

Some of its features are:

– Enhance the 3D graphics of Nintendo to double the original resolution. This feature is optional and works best on high-end quad-core devices
– It fully supports add-on controllers as well as physical controls in Nvidia Shield, Xperia Play and other devices
– Save states ensures your progress can be “save and resume.”
– DS screen’s custom placement and size for landscape and portrait modes
– Gaming experience tweaking using a database of thousands of cheat codes
– Synchronize saved games with your Google Drive space
– Uses fast-forward to increase emulation speed

If you have any doubts about the emulator, please install the demo first. It will help you evaluate how the emulator will work on your device.

How to Install DraStic DS Emulator on your PC/Mac using Nox App Player

Step 1. Go to to download and install the Nox App Player. Click the download button and wait for Nox Player to download on your Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac and PC. When download finishes, you can locate the EXE file in the DOWNLOAD folder of your OS.

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Step 2. Right-click the EXE file and click open to begin the installation. Follow on the on-screen pop-ups for the installation to complete. When done, launch Nox Player, and at the main screen, you’ll see the Google Play Store.

Step 3. Log in with your GMAIL account and search for the term “DraStic DS Emulator.” Click download and watch the app as it installs automatically in a few minutes.

“Drag and drop” is another method of installing the apk of the DraStic DS Emulator on your PC. After launching Nox Player, turn on the root mode before the drag and drop. The root node is in the system settings, and it allows file sharing between Nox and your operating system.

Step 4. Next is to OPEN the game app, DraStic DS Emulator, and play real Nintendo game with a better experience.

The Android emulator (Nox App Player) makes the installation of the DraStic DS Emulator easy. Hence, you can begin to enjoy the real fun of DraStic DS on your Mac, Windows 7, 8, 10 and PC.