How to Download WiseView App for PC – Windows and Mac

download-wiseview-app-pc-windows-macWiseView is a reliable security app that lets you view security cameras connected to your Hanwha network through your smartphone. Also, the app allows you to playback videos recorded by your cameras. While you can use the app to easily access your security wherever you go, you can’t use it on your personal computer.

WiseView for PC

So, how do you install and run WiseView on your computer? The easiest way to go about it is to use an Android emulator, and install the app in it so you can have your WiseView for Windows. This way, you won’t have to do all the technical stuff that will only make you frustrated.

Introducing Nox App Player

Nox app player is an Android emulator that can run WiseView without any problems. Unlike other Android emulators, it doesn’t take a lot of space and use a lot of memory so the speed of your computer stays the same. Even if you are using Mac, you can run the Nox App player like how you would run it on PC. This means you can also have WiseView for Mac.

How to Install Nox App Player and WiseView

To get started, download the Nox installer from its official website: You don’t have to worry about paying for anything. Nox player is free. Once the download is finished, click on the installer to begin installing the app on your Windows PC. You can decide where you want to put on the program files. If you are not sure about it, you can leave everything as they are and click on next.

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Once the installation is finished, launch the Nox app player and decide on your preferred Android version and screen size. Keep in mind that you can map controls on your keyboard and mouse for easy use and navigation.

Running WiseView on Nox

Nox has an Android environment. To run WiseView in it, you will need to install it through the Google play store. Simply run the Google play store app, search for WiseView and then click install. Also, you will need to put your login details on Play Store before you can search for apps you can install. After the installation, you can start running WiseView like how you would run it on your mobile device.


WiseView is a great app that lets you view your security cameras through your mobile phone. However, you can install and run it on a PC. Fortunately, there is a way around it. You can use WiseView on your computer through the Nox App Player. Since Nox Player is available for free, you can use it without paying a cent. You can download the player from its official website.