Download Photomath for PC (Windows & Mac)

download-photomath-for-pc-windows-macPhotomath is an application meant to help students in solving different math problems. It also helps one prepare for upcoming exams building the memory and skill of the student. All one has to do is scanned the handwritten math problems using your Android device. Photomath in s turn breaks down the problem into simple steps that a student can comprehend.

However, as much as the application is important from a student’s calculation. It is only limited to Android devices, a disadvantage to individuals without these devices. What if you want to use it on your PC? This calls for a more simple but easy to understand method.

Using the BlueStacks emulator you can transform your PC to serve as your Android device. BlueStacks enable its users to install and use Android applications on their PC regardless of which Operating system one is using. But how does one install the BlueStacks software (Photomath for PC) into the PC?

Photomath for Windows PC

Windows are among the common Operating system used all over the world, with more improvements on each release.

To use Photomath on Windows you must install BlueStacks first.

Installing BlueStacks on Windows

First: Ensure you are connected to a first internet connection. This saves you on the time when downloading BlueStacks.

Second: When you are connected to the internet you can now download BlueStacks for Windows from

Third: The application will take a minute or two to download. Once the installer has been downloaded, go to the Downloads folder and click the installer. Then click install to kick off the installation process.

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Fourth: Once the BlueStacks has been installed you can launch it from your home screen. If your icons are hidden right-click on black space and go to view, then show icons to show the hidden icons.

Fifth: After the application has been launched sign in with your Google account and allow the application to sync with your Google account. It behaves exactly like your device.

Installation of Photomath

When BlueStacks is working properly, go to the topmost to the bar written “Search “. Write the name of the application, in this case, Photomath and click search. If your connection is fast enough the application should appear immediately. Click install and allow the application to install.

Once the application has been installed you can open it and use it as you please.

System requirements

  • Windows 7 and above
  • Intel processor or AMD
  • At least 4GB hard disk space to store the applications
  • 2GB RAM and above for incredible speed
  • Upgraded graphics for better resolution

Photomath for Mac

Mac is known for its high-security protocol. Some people presume that Mac does not allow the installation of BlueStacks. But this is not the case.

Installing Bluestacks on Mac

1 Step: Search for BlueStacks’ main site on Google or click the following link: Here is where you can download BlueStacks for Mac. Avoid anonymous sites some may contain dangerous malware.

2 Step: After downloading BlueStacks for Mac install it on your PC, But ensure that you have enabled installation from unknown sources.

3 Step: Once the software is running properly, sign in using your Google account or create a new google account to access the Google Play store.
Installation of Photomath
The installation process is similar to the BlueStacks in Windows. It should be a piece of cake.

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System requirements

    • One must be an Administrator to the PC
    • At least 4GB hard disk space to store the applications
    • 2GB RAM and above for incredible speed
    • Upgraded graphics for better resolution

Take your studies to the next level by enjoying this wonderful application on your PC. Thanks to BlueStacks you can access Photomath and other applications free of charge. Make every calculation count.

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