Download iVMS-4200 for PC (Windows 7/8/10/Mac)

ivms-4200-app-icon-for-pciVMS-4200 Client Software is a centralized software for video management. It functions through a distributed structure for surveillance device management and control. Although it is capable of managing a single device, it is suitable for simultaneous management of numerous connected devices such as DVR, DVS, network cameras, NVR, encoders, decoders, and DVS.

Components of iVMS-4200

The iVMS-4200 features five major components detailed below:


The client is the main component of this software. It is responsible for providing playback, TV wall, playback, and E-map function management.

Storage Server

The storage server is the second component of the iVMS-4200. From its name, it is apparent that it functions as a picture storage component. However, it also serves the role of file recording and backup.

Stream Media Server

This third component serves the purpose of forwarding real-time video and audio streams. It is also used in reducing the network load of the machine.

Encoding Server

The encoding server component aids in managing the encoding card. It doubles up as a network service provider as well as part of the solution for PC DVR.

Decoding Server

Completing the list of the components of iVMS-4200 is the decoding server. Its primary function is performing the decoding functions. The other roles of this component are decoder card management and network service providence.

Features of iVMS-4200 App

• The software comprises an easy and user-friendly interface
• It supports high-definition devices
• Comprises easy to search, filter, playback record and pictures
• Highly connectable Hikvision devices that become published including DVR, decoders, encoders, DVS
• A configurable live view screen display along with several live screen views
• Multi-level user management
• Modularity servers that offer scalable installation for distinct software modules
• Group channel feature for unified management
• Easy alarm and data event operation function

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How to install the iVMS-4200 on the PC

It does not matter if you are a MAC or Window PC user, this is the simple procedure you need to observe to have the iVMS 4200 software installed on your PC:

• Visit the iVMS-4200 Client Software which will lead to a similar page as the one indicated below.

• Various versions of the Hikvision iVMS-4200 shall become availed. For the sake of having the best experience, you need to click on the latest available version of the client software. In most cases, it is indicated (NEW) at the end of its description as shown above.

• After this, scroll down until you see the download button as in the demonstration below. Click on it to initiate the awaited download process.

An alternative procedure is visiting this link which will lead you to the general terms of use agreement pop-up. Click on the agreement with these terms button for the download to begin.

The essential to point out is that the application is quite big. Mainly, it is an estimated 200MB. Therefore, the download may take several minutes or even hours, depending on your internet connectivity.

Thus, you need to master the art of patience. In case you are not good with patience, opt for stable internet connectivity as this will see the download completed within the shortest time possible.

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