Download and Install TapVPN App in PC (Windows 7,8,10 or Mac)

download-install-tapvpn-app-pc-windows-7810-macWith the increasing need for internet privacy, there is a matching increase in the number of VPN providers. TapVPN is no exception among the list. It is an app that can keep its users off the hackers’ radar. Even then, most people will use such an app to access restricted websites. More precisely, there are the company, colleges or even countries that filter some sites making access impossible.

Additionally, even without geographic restrictions, some sites are inaccessible due to a variety of reasons. The ultimate solution is to make your computer’s IP address vanish. The developers of TapVPN paid attention to all these issues and more while designing this software. Again, this app is free, but the ads-free app is at a fee. It is freely available on the Google Play Store.

So, how can one download and install the TapVPN for PC? The truth is, currently you can only access the app for PC via an emulator. For that matter, the BlueStacks emulator comes in handy due to its tools and functionalities. Therefore, the following is a tutorial on how to download and install your TapVPN app.

Download and installation of TapVPN on PC using BlueStacks

This process is identical for both TapVPN for Mac and TapVPN for Windows. It applies to all versions of Windows.

The first step is to download and install the offline BlueStacks emulator. You will need to search for the installer files on the internet and more specifically on the developer’s website. One of the significant reasons is safety and efficiency. Once you get the installer file, install the program on your computer. It should not take long.

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Once you complete the installation process, the software should open immediately. If it does not open, go to the recently installed app section on your computer. Open the BlueStacks app.

Once the app is open, the software will prompt you to enter your Google account details. After this verification step, you can now access all the apps in the Google Play Store.

By now, you should be able to see the BlueStacks search bar. It is on top of the user interface. Click on it and search for TapVPN. The app’s icon should show up immediately.


Click on the app. Once it opens, you will also click on the install app icon. The installation process begins immediately. You can see the download progress and eventually, the installation which should not last too long.

Once installed, you can now customize and enjoy the vast services of TapVPN.
Alternatively, you can download and install the TapVPN software using the apk files, which are also readily available. However, the above procedure is the best due to safety reasons.

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