Download eWeLink on PC (Windows & Mac) using BlueStacks

download-ewelink-pc-windows-maceWelink is an app that allows you to remotely control smart devices in your home. It can control electronic devices such as LED lamps, air conditioners, fans of different brands in one app via Wi-Fi. eWelink can support up to 150 devices of different brands. What makes eWelink better is that it is free of charge!

As it is designed to be an Android app, there is no direct way to get eWelink for PC or Mac. But, there is a way around it using an Android emulator which we will discuss below.

Some of the many features of eWelink include:

• Many languages are supported
• Supports registration via email or phone number
• Device status and record checking possible
• Turn appliances on or off at scheduled timings (e.g. turn light off automatically at 11 pm when you go to bed and turn it on automatically at 6 am when you wake up)
• Categorize appliances into different groups (e.g. lights or kitchen) to better manage them
• Use one device to automatically trigger the turning on or off another device
• You can share control of the appliances to other eWelink users such as your family
• Countdown timer to turn on or off an appliance
• Loop timer to allow you to turn an appliance on or off at preset intervals for a specified time

eWelink is an Android app so you will need an app called an Android emulator to get eWelink for your PC or Mac. An Android emulator mimics the Android environment on your PC or Mac so that you can download and install Android apps just as on your phone.

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You need to do proper research when choosing an Android emulator because many of them are infected with malware, spyware, and cryptocurrency miners. It is better to stick to a widely used, reliable emulator such as Nox or BlueStacks for your cyber safety.

Installing BlueStacks for PC or Mac

The first step in getting eWelink for PC or Mac is to download and install the Android emulator. We recommend the use of BlueStacks as it is a highly reliable, widely tested Android emulator app with millions of users. Follow the instructions below to install it:


• Follow the link here to download BlueStacks.
• Open and run the .exe file to start the installation.
• Once BlueStacks has finished installing, use your Gmail account to sign in.

Installing eWelink for PC or Mac

• After setting up BlueStacks, open the BlueStacks home screen and search for Google Play Store under the My Apps tab.
• Search for the eWelink app in the Google Play Store and click Install.
• You will now how to have eWelink for PC and Mac.
• Select your country or region and type in your phone number. If you live in Asia, you will receive a verification code via SMS. Users outside Asia will need to use their email address where they will receive their verification code.
• Type in your verification code and password.
• Please note that you cannot be logged in to eWelink on two phones simultaneously.
• Ensure that the Wi-Fi your phone is connected to is the same one you selected in the eWelink app for the Wi-Fi device pairing option.
• Allow the eWelink app to access your location information so that it knows which servers to connect to.

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