How to Download Danale App for PC (Windows & Mac)

download-danale-app-for-pc-windows-macDanale for PC, Danale for Windows, Danale for Mac

The Danale app was created in order to make the process of managing home automation way easier and simpler.

Today we are gonna take a look at how the application runs on BlueStacks, which is one of the best Android emulators software at the moment, letting you basically have your own smartphone on your PC.

So the first step we are gonna take is to open the Google Play Store and log in with our Google account if we don’t have one we can create it for free on the Sign Up section. Once we have logged in, we can now look for “Danale” in the search bar. We can now click on the download sign, now wait for a few seconds until it’s installed and now we can finally open it.


Right after opening the app, we will see a Sign-Up or Login boxes, you should click on Sign Up if this is the first time you use it, so you can create an account. Now before you finish the signup process you should get ready your email, this is because they will send you a code in 60 seconds right after signing up, so better to have it already opened. You can finally sign up now and it will ask you for a password, we recommend you introduce a password with at least 8 characters mixing both numbers and letters, to make it more secure against possible hacking attempts, and once you do this you finally have Danale app installed!

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Danale is easy to use, you simply need to click on the “Add Device” and introduce your WiFi password so you can set up your device to be coordinated with the app. Regardless of the device, you try to connect with Danale, you will get a short text of instructions to get it working. However, according to reviews of the users, often devices connected to Danale will not synchronize properly or not get recognized by the app. This is understandable because every device works differently and it can be really hard to make them all work with the same app.

This application is definitely worth a try if you are a domotics stuff geek or maybe if you have a huge house and you don’t wanna walk for 50 meters every time you need to check your security cameras.

It has never been so easy to get your domotics together with the Danale app!

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