Download CameraFi App for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac)

download-camerafi-app-for-pc-windows-7-8-10-macBlueStacks has afforded PC users the ability to download, install, and run Android-based applications on their very own computers. Using the BlueStacks emulator, it acts as though you are using an Android device right on your PC.

This affords users a number of different opportunities to use gaming apps, entertainment apps, and so much more that they may not have been able to do prior to using BlueStacks.

For those with CameraFi, you may be wondering how to get it on your PC. This tutorial will show you how to get CameraFi installed on your PC or Mac.

Install BlueStacks on the PC

None of this works without BlueStacks. You can download it for free on several sites across the web. Once you’ve downloaded it, double-click on the .exe file to extract and install it. You will follow the prompts, connecting an email for registration purposes. Once you’ve done this, it will take you to a “home” interface that looks just like a standard Android interface.

Congratulations, you have half of the process complete already and it was all too easy. The next step is to get CameraFi.

Downloading CameraFi for PC

After you have downloaded and installed BlueStacks on your PC or Mac and followed the steps to register, the next step is to download the CameraFi application. Save the .apk file to your desktop and wait for it to finish downloading.

When it has been saved to your desktop, you are ready to install it using BlueStacks.

Installing CameraFi PC via BlueStacks Emulator

When your CameraFi file is finished downloading, you will right-click on the .apk file on your desktop and “open with -> BlueStacks APK Handler”.

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Once you have initiated this process, you will see a window letting you know that the install has been initiated. Additionally, you will see the CameraFi icon appear in the “installed apps” window of BlueStacks.


When the installation is complete, you will receive an alert in the bottom right corner (if using Windows 10) and the CameraFi icon will also appear on your desktop.

When you initialize the CameraFi app, it will prompt you with a download if a new version of the software is available. Whether you want to update to the most current version is entirely up to you.

After that, it is just a matter of hooking your digital camera up to your computer and transferring over the images that are stored on the digital camera.

It is that easy! Now you have the CameraFi app installed on your computer.

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