Download and Install AnonyTun on your PC (Windows & Mac)

download-and-install-anonytun-on-pc-windows-and-macThe advancement in silicon technology has led to smartphones and tablets with high processing power. This has encouraged programmers to develop powerful apps with complex functionality. Unlike traditional PC software which is expensive and more difficult to install, most apps are freely available on Play Store and AppStore. One of the most powerful apps you can find online is AnonyTun.

AnonyTun is a unique app in that it allows you to have unlimited access to almost all websites available on the web. This app might be handy if your institution, government, or workplace restricts access to some sites which are important to you. This app is quite simple to use. it has a button that turns the virtual network on or off. When the functionality is activated, you can bypass the restriction and have unlimited access to the site of your choice.

There are very few PC softwares that have similar functionality and most of them are costly. If you have BlueStacks on your PC, you can install AnonyTun and enjoy using the feature. BlueStacks is freely available online, you can install and run it if you don’t have it on your computer. There is no AnonyTun for PC and the only way you can use the app on your PC is to install it in the BlueStacks emulator. AnonyTun for Windows is available on the Play Store while AnonyTun for Mac is available on AppStore. The following steps will guide you to install AnonyTun on your PC.

Method 1: Using the Play Store feature

Step 1: Click on the BlueStacks icon on the start menu, desktop, or taskbar to run the software.

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Step 2: When it has fully loaded, take the cursor of your mouse to the top left corner of the BlueStacks window and click on “my apps.”

Step 3: Go to the “system app” page click on the Google Play icon to open the PlayStore page.

Step 4: Take your cursor to the Playstore search bar and enter “AnonyTun” – the name of the app, then press “enter”.

Step 5: Click on “AnonyTun” in case it appears on the search results below the search bar.

Step 6: You will see a green “install” button on the right side of the logo. Click on it to install the app.

Step 7: A dialog box will appear and you should click on “Accept” to install the app.

Step 8: When the installation is complete, you can go to “My apps” and click on the AnonyTun icon to run it.

Method 2: Using the AnonyTun APK file

Step 1: Launch your favorite browser and download the AnonyTun APK file from the official site or the mirror link. Some reputable sites that have AnonyTun APK include AppBrain, APKMirror, and AndroidAPKsFree.

Step 2: Open BlueStacks and click on the “My Apps” tab.

Step 3: You will see the “Install APK” button at the bottom of your window. Click on it to open Finder (on Mac) or file explorer (on Windows).

Step 4: Go to downloads and select the AnonyTun APK file.

Step 5: Click the “open” button to install the app on your PC.

Step 6: When the installation process is complete, the AnonyTun app will appear on the “My Apps” tab. Congratulations! You can now run AnonyTun on your PC at any time.

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You can access all the restricted sites if you install AnonyTun on your PC. This can only happen if you already have BlueStacks installed on your machine.

Fortunately, BlueStacks is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. This app is safe and secure to use since it uses SSL and other secure communication protocols. Don’t forget to upgrade the app if updates are available.

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