What Happens if I Don’t Activate Windows 10?

Windows operating system is one of the most familiar and used systems for all types of computers and desktops.

Sometimes, even people try to install windows OS in the Apple Mac Book/ Mac Book Pro. It is user friendly and very easy to download and install.

But you ever thought about, “what happens if I don’t activate windows 10?”. This question is asking by many people here are a few details all about activating windows 10 or any version:

What happens if I don’t activate Windows?

After a certain period gets over, there will be a few limitations which windows won’t allow you to make.

Now for the question “what happens if I don’t activate windows 10” it is important to know that this latest version comes with a lot of new features that you might not want to miss on.

But let’s catch on what happens if you don’t activate:

– Firstly, the windows will keep nagging and alerting you with the message on the right-below corner about windows is not activated, please activate.

This kind of message will daily pop up to remind you to activate the window. It won’t interrupt your work but it will just appear all the time which can be disturbing for a few.

– Now, Windows has given this software for free, but if you don’t activate, it will impose some restrictions after a certain period.

And this time will be about 30 days. After 30 days, you won’t be able to use the personalization feature in the windows.

– The system might turn its speed down to an extent, because of the non-activated windows. But this will only happen if there is heavy usage being done on your computer.

Because windows, will limit the work and you will be left with choosing those limited options.

– Also, for any corporates and working person, it might be tough to handle the non-activated windows, as they want some settings to work according to their preferences.

Which in return, again makes their work process slower than usual.

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Is it illegal to not activate Windows 10?

If you notice, the non-activated windows will still work and perform the job as it happens because it has what will call “digital license”.

It is checking the system to hardware and knows that it’s already been installed before and the user needs to activate the system.

And for the question, “what happens if I don’t activate windows 10?” there is no impact for the first 30 days, it kind of let you do pretty much anything you want to.

But it will still warn you that using Windows 10 like that is a breach of the User Agreement which means you shouldn’t be using it like that your kind of doing the illegal work.

But that won’t bother you or Windows is not going to file any complaint against you. Only the constant alert of activation stays intact on your screen.

Can I activate Windows 10 for free?

Windows 10
Windows 10

Windows 10 or any version, has been provided for free in the public domain. Yes, the Microsoft website gives this OS for free to download and install this version.

But often people are getting confused with the activation process. Some people even ask “what happens if I don’t activate windows 10?” but for all such doubts, the answer is only in activating windows 10.

Now for the activation, you need to have the ISO file, and that is the main key to activate windows 10.

To no surprise, even this file is open for all people to download it from the official website. With this, the activation can be done via a USB flash drive/ CD-DVD flash drive.

How do I permanently get Windows 10 for free?

Downloading and activating the Windows 10 for free is better than asking “what happens if I don’t activate windows 10?”. All you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

– Go to google search for Windows 10 download, click on the first link on the result page and it will take you to Windows 10 download page.

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And to update your Windows you will click the update now button. Also, download the image or  ISO file of the Windows 10.

If you are using Firefox press ctrl shift + M, this way enabled a responsive design mode. If you are using Chrome you press CTRL shift and we are in the responsive mode.

– Now, refresh the page, the page will not display in its mobile version so when this display is on the mobile version exceed the responsive design modifier fault bed pressing ctrl shift and again on Chrome you press CTRL shift and it will display on the normal desktop mode.

– Then scroll down and select the preferred edition to confirm, select the product language on the family game then after, the two buttons will appear.

Download the 32/64-bit ISO file and then click on the copy link location and download Windows 10 ISO file on your system.

– After the download is done. Click on the folder icon beside the download file icon to verify the download location now to create a bootable Windows 10 setup USB drive inside your USB flash drive for this process you need an 8 GB USB Drive or higher open the roof falls up.

You can check out the content of the USB flash drive that you have converted to a Windows 10 setup.

– Now simply install and activate the set via USB flash drive by following the simple guided steps, and all this will be done for free.

Does Windows slow down if not activated?

Lately, when you open programs or do certain operations the computer will some give a slow performance.

It happens because of the limitation of using the features and heavy usage did without activating the system.

So, prefer to not go with “what happens if I don’t activate windows 10” and activate your Windows OS.

As it will keep alerting you to Activate Windows use the authentic version.

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