Does Not Download Solves: Problem From Google Play

Are you trying to download an application from the Google Play Store and there is no way for it to install? We help you: here are the solutions to the problem.

Few problems are as common in the Android application store as trying to download an application or game and see how it does not go beyond ” Download pending “. Did you ever happen?

Surely yes, it is a very common mistake. And it has nothing to do with your mobile, it can happen even if you have plenty of internal space.

Does Not Download Solves: Problem From Google Play

Does Not Download Solves: Problem From Google Play

To do this, perform the following actions:

  • Is your Google account correctly configured? Look at the Google Play icon and make sure you have your account active.
  • Access your Google Play, enter “My applications and games” and look at the Storage graph. Do you have enough space? 

Then continue to the next step. Is your mobile correct? Mark the apps you don’t want and delete them.

  • Check that an Internet connection. To do this, just open Google Chrome or any app that uses the connection.

It works perfectly? So it’s not an Internet problem. Doesn’t it load anything either?

Those google play error not solve check another method.

  • Reboot your phone. It is one of those obvious solutions that is nonetheless extremely effective. So now you know. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  •  Run a restart on your Android, it does much more than you think.

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