What is The Difference Between Pokemon X And Pokemon Y

Today we bring you the new Pokemon that accompany each one, their differences, and our comments about it.

At the moment the known differences between Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are rather few.

We only know of a series of exclusive Pokemon between both editions.

What Is The Difference Between Pokemon X And Pokemon Y

Pokemon x

  1. Clauncher: it is a kind of water type that is characterized by the enormous claw it has. Combine strong water and normal-type attacks including Hammerhead, Sword Dance, and Bubble.
  2. Swirlix: This is a great novelty, it is of the Fairy type. Your body is a big ball of cotton candy. At the moment we only know that it has the Fairy-type Drain Kiss attack.
  3. Xerneas: it is the exclusive Legendary Pokemon of the X edition, it is of the Fairy type, and it is a black deer, with a blue torso and different colored antlers.

Pokemon Y

  1. Skrelp: This slender Poison and Water-type Pokemon camouflages itself among algae. His only known move is the Poison-type Sludge Bomb.
  2. Spritzee: its name in Japanese is the description of the sound that perfume makes when it is sprayed. She is Fairy-type and her only known moves are Drain Kiss, Fairy-type, and Sweet Scent, Normal-type.
  3. Yveltal: it is the Legendary Pokemon of the Y edition, it is Sinister and Flying-type, its shape is similar to a letter Y, the letter that begins its name and the letter of its edition.

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