Solution: Configure Pop3 Email Account On Android

Although Android devices have an integrated Gmail client, you may use another type of account or need to access your mail locally, depending on what cases.

This is where the importance of configuring a POP3 email account client Android.

If you continue to check email from your computer, you will be interested in one of these other options:

Configure Pop3 Email Account On Android

Configure Pop3 Email Account On Android

Selecting an existing POP email account and setting it as the default account on your mobile is much easier than it may seem.

Currently, you can assign a POP email account with the integrated Android client.

  • First, Go to “Settings,” then look for Account Sections.
  • The next step, “Add Account,” To access your webmail or pop3 mail service.
  • There are many options in this window if you use a Gmail application or web version to configure the client by selecting the “Personal POP3” Option.
  • In this next step, you must provide valid information. Those the hosting company provides information. If you don’t have that information, please contact me, the service provider.
  • Type your “webmail,” then enter your password, port, and server.
  • Once you have the appropriate information, then select next.
  • A similar window will then appear, with the difference that you will be configuring your SMTP server.

Here your account should be configured and ready to use.

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