5 Reasons Why Your Computer is Lagging

computer-lagging-reasonsAre you struggling with the fact that your computer is really slow? In the next few minutes, you are going to find out what is slowing down your computer and how you can fix it.

A lagging computer can be a real pain. Completing a simple task can prove to be a very daunting task and there are lots of reasons that could slow down your PC.

In this article, we get to share five reasons why your computer may be lagging and see how we can help you solve the problem.

1. Too many software/programs or tabs that are open

In this digital world, accomplishing multiple tasks at the same time could sound like a good choice. However, this could also be a tough undertaking for your PC. Opening more than three kinds of software at the same time could slow down your computer. Opening multiple programs simultaneously may also cause your computer to heat up.

When you are browsing, you may be tempted to keep many tabs open. While this may allow you to collect the information you need efficiently, it may cause your computer to slow down.

How to solve this: So how do you solve this? Close all the programs and remain with only one. If you have multiple tabs opened on your browser, consider opening all and remaining with only one. You can bookmark the important ones.

2. Hard drive memory is full

The operating system needs enough space to work appropriately, and a hard drive that is maxed out could cause your computer to lag. Your computer drive space should always have at least 500mb of space. If you have more than one driver, make sure that all of these have the same amount of MBs left. This allows your OS to manage your files on the better drive.

How to solve this: Always make sure that you empty your recycle bin. We may sometimes forget to empty our recycle bins after we have deleted a lot of files from our computer so ensure that you empty your recycle bin. The next thing you can do is to remove any unwanted programs from your computer.

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You can also clear your download folder, which is the most unforgettable thing with most computer users. Temporary files may also take up a lot from your hard drive space, make sure that you find these temporary files and delete them. Your browser may also be carrying a lot of caches, so try clearing your browser cache as often as possible.

3. Too many software automatically opening when the computer starts

Some softwares are programmed to open automatically when the computer stops, and this can drag your PC. Sometimes the programs are running in the background, but you are not aware and thus dragging your computer throughout your day. This can be frustrating, especially if there are more than three programs that open automatically. Usually, many of these programs or software is put into place by the manufacturers of your computer. It might be difficult to alter with the usual starting of your computer.

How to solve this: To alter the regular log in of a computer can be a complicated case, especially if you are not an IT expert. So if you think the issue of your computer lagging is here, look for a trusted computer expert who will try to alter the normal log in of your computer and change what was before.

4. Bottlenecked CPU

The term bottlenecked is a term used in, but a CPU bottleneck can happen in other functions as well. The term is used when a processor is not as powerful as the task at hand, so the task cannot be carried out because the processor is weaker. CPU bottlenecking can be experienced when you pair high-end hardware with an entry-level CPU. You can also install a program to your PC, which does not support your processor.

How to solve this: You must find out what is causing a CPU bottleneck. If it is a software or program that you installed, you must uninstall it or upgrade your processor. You can also choose to downgrade the processor you are using. Most computer users will prefer upgrading their computers, which is also a good idea.

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5. Short RAM

RAM, unlike stored memory, only works when the computer is turned on. Your computer OS greatly depends on your PC’s RAM memory to carry out tasks adequately. A reduction of RAM memory could easily cause your computer to lag when you are trying to carry out specific tasks. The modern machines used nowadays will demand an adequate supply of RAM memory. If you are using chrome browser, your computer will surely demand that you have a healthy amount of RAM. A computer that is involved in tasks that are beyond the basic office work needs an 8GB of RAM.

How to solve this: If you are sure that it is the lack of computer RAM is the cause of your computer lagging, then you should consider upgrading your RAM memory. Upgrading a RAM memory is easy provided you are sure that you can choose the correct RAM upgrade.

If all of these do not seem to be the causes of your computer lagging, you should check with an IT expert. Sometimes, the computer you are using can be really old and thus causing lag, and it is unable to carry out a simple task fast. If you think your computer is very old then consider replacing it with a new and upgraded computer, this way there will be a few technical issues.

Another tip to keep your computer working efficiently is to try to always check your computer for any problems arising up. If you have access to a computer expert, it will be very beneficial to your computer to have it checked by an expert several. Your computer is like your second hand, especially if you regularly use it for work, ensure that you give the best of care it needs.

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