How To Clear The Cache Of Your Applications On Android?

Today we are going to explain how to clear the cache of your applications on Android, and what you can you do it?


It is a type of storage in which applications save temporary files to go faster, but in case of error, clearing this memory can help solve many problems.

How to clear the cache of your Android apps?

Step 1: To clear the cache of your Android applications, open the application and “click on the Settings

Step 2: When you enter the settings, now “enter the Storage option,” which is where you can manage the memory of your mobile and that used by your applications.

In some mobiles, depending on what layer of customization the manufacturer has, this can be found in some other menu.

Step 3: In the storage section, the types of files and applications that you have on your device and the space they occupy will be listed.

Here, click on the “applications option” to access the complete list with all your installed apps.

Step 4: Once you enter your list of applications, now you simply have to click on the application whose cache you want to delete.

This is a process that is done application by application, that is, after clearing the cache of an app you will have to return here to the next one in case you want to delete it in more than one.

And once you are in the storage section of an application, you only have to click on theClear cache button” that you will see in it.

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