How To Clear Play Store Cache?

It is even ideal and highly recommended that from time to time you delete the data and cache from the Play Store.

In general, of most of the applications that you use daily like this one or play store to give you an example, it does not hard that from time to time you delete all the data from them.

How to clear Play Store cache?

Clear cache and data from Play Store

Step 1: Open the “Settings” application.

Step 2: Then Tap “All Apps.”

Step 3: Scroll down and click on Google Play Store.

Step 4: Click “Storage.”

Step 5: Click Clear Data or Clear cache.”

Step 6: Reopen Play Store and restart the download.


What happens when you clear the cache?

You will simply delete the temporary data of the application, but the most important thing is that you will not have deleted your user data.

This will be as if you installed the application from scratch. It is now newly installed on your computer.

Best of all, your account and settings are respected, and you don’t have to log in again.

It is a highly recommended way for you to solve certain error google play store that occur frequently without taking any risk.

The only thing that will happen is that when you reopen the application it will slow down a bit while it re-downloads temporary files.

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