Fixed: Cellular Network Not Available For Voice Calls

Why does my phone say cellular networks not available?

Are you facing the problem “cellular network not available for voice calls”? Do not worry, this error is very common.

It happens when we are in a location where it has very low network coverage like in the basement or outskirts of the city.

In such locations, the transmitted signals are very weak and that is the reason why we get an error like – “cellular network not available for voice calls”.

Other reasons may be your monthly mobile bill has been expired and you have not yet paid. In such cases, your mobile service provider may decide to suspend or block the service temporarily.

This case, you should contact your mobile phone operator. In this way, you can resolve the issue.

How do I fix the mobile network not available for voice calls?

The most effective solutions to solve the problem “cellular network not available for voice calls” with the mobile network on our device are described below.

Register a network using phone settings:

Our device may have been misconfigured and is not registering any available networks. The solution in this case is the following:

– The first thing to do is go to “Settings” on our mobile device.

– In the category of “Wireless connections and networks” we look for the option “Mobile networks” and we press it.

– We choose “Network Operators” and the phone will automatically start searching for available networks.

– When you have finished searching, the available networks should appear at the bottom, we simply press ours; In the event that we do not know what configuration we had previously, we click “Choose automatically”.

– If for some reason, this method does not work for us on the first try, then we must restart the mobile phone or turn it off and remove the SIM for a moment, then insert it and turn it on again.

How do I connect to my cellular network?

If you are getting error – “cellular network not available for voice calls”, follow these steps:

– Check if our device is in “Roaming” or “Airplane mode”

– Roaming is a service that local operators tend to promote, especially on holidays, since, being activated, it allows us to continue to have mobile data due to the use of the signals provided by other operators.

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– This function can easily become a problem if it is activated and we are within the coverage of local mobile networks.

– On Android, we are going to go to “Settings”, to check the status of the “Roaming” service.

– When locating the category “Wireless connections and networks”, we click on “More”.
– Now, go to “Mobile networks” and check if the option that says “Data roaming” is checked, if so, we simply uncheck it.

– Airplane mode is a function that, when activated, prevents you from sending text messages, browsing the Internet, and making calls, to check its status and deactivate it, we must follow the following steps:

– Press and hold the power button until a menu appears with the options of “Shutdown” “Restart” and “Airplane mode”.
We must realize what the description below “Airplane mode” says if it is activated, we simply press the option and it will be deactivated.

How can I fix the mobile network problem?

How can I fix the mobile network problem
How can I fix the mobile network problem

Device firmware is out of date:

Configuration issues in the operating system are very important because, in the end, the one who captures the signal from the mobile network is our device with the help of the software; then an outdated firmware could be the cause that we cannot enjoy the service normally.

– To check if there is an update available for our operating system, we first go to “Settings”.

– Out of habit, we slide to the bottom of the menu and enter “About device”.

– We click on “Software update” and then on “Search for updates”.

– In the event that you find one, we accept and hope that you will go through due process.

The phone needs a factory reset:

This is one of the most forced solutions, it would be recommended to choose it as the last option since it will erase all our files and custom settings from the device.

A factory reset process varies depending on the phone model and its operating system, here at, there are a variety of personalized tutorials.

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If we do not find a specific tutorial for our model, what is recommended is to follow one that is at least from a phone of the same brand, the processes are similar.

Why does my SIM card say no service?

Why does my SIM card say no service
Why does my SIM card say no service

Your SIM card may not have a proper connection to your mobile phone anymore. In this case, you need to remove the SIM card and again insert it back, this will likely cure this problem and resolve you’re no service issue.

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Can’t connect to the mobile network?

This problem is more common in areas far from the population than in the heart of a city since, if we rule out the configuration problems of our phone, the rest can be a problem with the range of the signal provided by the antennas.

Finally, an interesting fact is that it is possible that our phone has the IMEI blocked; The signal will recover by removing and inserting the SIM card, but only for a few minutes.

That is why before buying a used phone, we must be one hundred percent sure that its origin is legal.

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How do I fix my SIM network problem?

All the memory leaks and background apps may cause the error – “cellular network not available for voice calls”. Mostly, it can be solved by restarting the mobile phone. Remove SIM Card and insert it again. Try this quick trick and check – It will be resolved.

A wrong network setting is also one of the reasons for this error. In this case, you need to check thoroughly of network operators and modes and ensure the correct options are selected.

– Open ‘Settings’, and then Tap on ‘Wireless and Network’

– Select Mobile Network

– Tap on Network Operator

– Select Automatically


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