How to Install CCTVP2P App for PC (Windows & Mac)

CCTVP2P-app-pc-free-download-onlinetechsoft.comIf you are a fan of cameras, you understand that P2P and CCTV are digital cameras. Therefore, CCTVP2P is an application that provides its users with the management of these two types of cameras. It is available for Windows and Mac users.

Also, the app comprises the IP type and the UID type. The UID type is the default type. Its primary role includes adding devices and using the device UID to obtain the connecting information respective link sever. The IP type becomes used if the device does not have the UID type. Before getting to understand how you can download this application, this piece will familiarize you with the primary function of the application.

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Functions of CCTVP2P

Besides the critical role of helping its users to manage the P2P and CCTV camera, the application also allows users to:

• Stream videos
The app allows users to stream videos. However, the stream video function is only available over Wi-Fi or 3G and 4G internet connectivity

• View live video streams
The only demerit is that it has a limitation on this function. Users can only view a maximum of 4 live video streams

• Addition of new device
The application allows users to add a new device through the use of QRcode

• Orientation supports
This function available for the landscape and portrait

• Snapshots and browse the pictures
During the live stream or video streaming process, the application also allows its users to take snaps as they navigate through the photos.

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How to download CCTVP2P for PCs

With as many as ten powerful functions, you can proceed to download the CCTVP2P. Wondering how to do this? Well, here, is a simple guideline:

• Download and install BlueStacks on your computer by visiting the BlueStacks website.

• Open BlueStacks and on the search options type “CCTVP2P.”

• Click on the option CCTVP2P that appears. Scroll down then click on the download button that you see.

• Wait for the downloading process to complete and you are ready to use application.

Although the BlueStacks is the most preferred method, you can also download the application from Google Play or Apple store. The store you consider depends on the type of operating system your device is using.

The best thing about the CCTVP2P camera is that it is free for the Android as well as iOS devices; hence, you get a discount on the cost. It is, however, dependent on an internet connection for its functionality. Therefore, ensure that you have a stable WIFI within reach of a 3G or 4G internet connection. Doubling all these great qualities of this application is the plug and play feature which you will fall in love with once you download the device.

The essential to highlight is that you do not need to be an expert to handle the application. The interface is easy to use by all, including the newbies and the novice once the download of the app is complete.

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