Differences between LTE and 4G

LTE stands for the Long Term Evolution (long-term evolution). And refers to wireless broadband technology  used to transmit data in order to provide Internet access to mobile devices. In other words, this communication standard is used to upload and download data from the network of networks at …

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How Does the Mobile Network Work

How Does a Mobile Network Work

Mobile networks have evolved across different generations, each representing significant technological advances compared to previous generations. The first two generations of mobile networks introduced first analog voice (1G) and then digital voice (2G). The next generation introduces data connection (3G) and supports the proliferation of smartphones by …

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How to activate RCS messages

How to activate RCS messages

Google messages allows the use of RCS messaging on most carriers, even if they do not officially have the compatibility. And it’s very simple: you only need to enable chat functions in the application to get this benefit. Instant messaging is not only a matter of applications; …

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