How To Catch An Abra In Pokemon X And Y

We are many players who in Pokemon X and Y have met again with the series, and that is why on many occasions we look for those Pokemon that we liked so much in the first editions.

Of course one of them is undoubtedly Abra, that Pokemon that just appeared in combat used teleportation and it was humanly impossible to catch it.

Here the new trick you Catch An Abra In Pokemon X And Y.

How To Catch An Abra In Pokemon X And Y

Use a Fast-ball

The easiest way to capture an Abra is by using a Speed ​​Ball.

It is a PokeBall that is more effective against Pokemon that are fast, therefore as soon as the fight begins.

Use a Speed ​​Ball and the Abra will be automatically yours.

These Poke Balls will be given to you throughout the story. Once they are yours go back to Route 5 and catch him.

Use a Faster Pokemon

Another good way is to have a Pokemon with a higher level than the Abra.

This is not complicated since Abra appears with a very low level, and uses a sleeping pill or paralysis, and then uses a normal Poke Ball and captures it.

In this way, you can have a Pokemon such as Abra, which as you well know evolves into a very strong Pokemon such as Kadabra at level 16.

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