Best 6 Web Browsers to Try in 2022

best-web-browsers-2020Using a new browser could change many aspects of how you use the internet, and new things tend to excite many people. So which is the best browser for you? This is a pretty straightforward question, but the answer; not so much. There are a plethora of browsers that you could choose from.

What could confuse you more is the fact that all of these browsers are mostly modern, so they tend to give similar excellent features. When you have reached this point where you cannot tell which browser works for you, it is better to consider your needs so that you will come up with the best browser.

Fortunately for you, we have compiled a number of excellent browsers that you can choose from, we get to discuss more in-depth on these browsers so that you can have a perfect choice.

1. Opera


First of all, the Opera browser has a bunch of several features that any other web browser cannot compete with. Opera’s UI is also very easy to navigate and very useful in managing your online endeavors. For instance, the browser has a social sidebar that involves Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp messenger so that you do not have to keep switching between tabs to keep your conversations going. The browser also gives you the ability to change to a darker mode when you are browsing at night, which is a very good feature for healthy eyes.

Apart from an excellent interface, this browser also has an in-built VPN, which allows you to browse very privately without anyone having to track your online movements. There are claims that this built-in VPN is very slow, which is just but a small downside of this browser. If you are sick of removing ads whenever you start browsing, and the ads are pissing you off, then this is the best browser for you. Opera has an in-built ad blocker that keeps ads at bay.

One other thing is that this browser has a crypto wallet for those who love exchanging currencies on cryptos. If you are the type of person, who spots interesting things while browsing and you keep sending or saving links to view later flow feature is perfect for you. The feature allows you to maintain the sites or links that interest you the most. If you are a mobile user, Opera Turbo is available for you, unlike PC users, where there is no Opera Turbo for them. With Opera Turbo, files are compressed so that you can download them faster whenever your connection becomes crappy.

2. Chrome


Chrome is a very popular browser that is used by a large population of internet users. The most loved feature is the syncing feature. You only need to sign in to your Google account and all your bookmarks, saved links, and preferences will come right along across devices. This will enable you to stay up to date with your info. If you have some necessary extensions, Google Chrome has got you sorted since the extensions will also come along as you change devices.

You might argue that the sync feature is a common thing to most browsers, but Chrome’s integration is always second to none. Also, Google Chrome has an aesthetically pleasing UI, which makes your browsing more fun than a daunting chore. The browser is also speedy and secure to use. With Google Chrome, you will also have a never-ending list of extensions you can choose from.

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Chrome also has a password manager that saves your sites’ passwords so that you can use the site later. The same password manager also generates new password suggestions whenever you are creating another account from a certain website. The passwords are always complex to ensure that you are forming a more secure detail.

3. Mozilla Firefox


Firefox is another browser that can serve as an alternative to the Google Chrome web browser. If you are looking for more privacy in your browsers, then Firefox is the best browser for focusing on user privacy. In 2019 firefox introduced a Firefox private network that works by encrypting your paths on the browsers.

Mozilla keeps making changes to this browser so that its users will always be updated. So if you are looking to have a browser that is up to date with the modern browser normal features, then Firefox is the best browser for you.

Cookies may be used for good or for worse when you are browsing online. Sometimes cookies may be used to track you, but with Mozilla Firefox, you can change how you work with these cookies. For instance, you can go to privacy and performance settings that let you choose how you manage the cookies to your advantage.

4. Vivaldi


If you are always in love with customized things, then Vivaldi will quench your thirst for building your browser. Vivaldi is all about customization such that you can tweak everything from how the interface looks to how the tabs arrange themselves. Vivaldi is a product of Opera, which means that the browser is accustomed to carrying out its functions differently.

Vivaldi allows you to change the fonts, have a notes tab, the usual bookmarks, change color schemes, and many other options. If you would like to see how much you have been spending on some sites, Vivaldi will help you do that. In a graph mode, Vivaldi will easily display your online activities so that you will know where you have spent most of your time.

This browser may not have many features as most of the browsers we have talked about, but no browser can match up the speed of the Vivaldi browser. So if you prefer speed over features, then Vivaldi will do for you. Even with multiple open tabs, Vivaldi will still open new tabs in a split second. The recent upgrades that the browser has undergone are also the cause of the ever-increasing speed of this browser.

5. Brave


This is a browser that allows you to navigate websites, run web apps, and even play online content on your device. Just like other browsers, this browser is normally free to download and use.

The good news is that this browser can remember site authentication and even block online ads that might interrupt you when you are browsing the internet. Here, you can search the internet without being tracked by advertisers, malware, and pop-ups. Made by the Brave Software, this browser is relatively new in-browser battles.

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First and foremost, this browser is known to be a fast and secure browser. Here, no external plugins or settings are needed. This browser just provides the most secure, lightning-fast web browser for those people who use Android devices. With this browser, your web pages will load faster and thereby enjoy a great experience when using it.

Besides being fast, it is designed with a free Adblocker. This way, you will be protected from ads that track you as you browse the internet. As a result, you will be more secure when searching the internet. Apart from blocking these ads, this application protects you with leading privacy and security features such as HTTPS Everywhere.

Other security features that come with this browser, include script blocking, incognito private tabs, 3rd party cookie blockers, and so on.

With this browser, you will have a wonderful time surfing the internet. Your personal data will be kept private and you will be able to get your web results within seconds. It is truly an incredible browser worth considering.

6. Microsoft Edge


This is a free web browser that is rebuilt using the open-source chromium project. Since it got upgraded recently, this browser can readily compete with legendary browsers such as Google Chrome. With this browser, you will be able to enjoy more privacy and more control. Also, you will be able to browse anywhere with one continuous experience from your computer and other signed-in devices.

This browser gives you tools that help optimize your security when browsing the internet such as tracking prevention, InPrivate mode, and AdBlock Plus. Here, you will be able to control your data as you will be able to block trackers from those sites that you hardly access directly. This is enabled by default.

When using InPrivate tabs, your browsing data such as the history, cookies, and autofill information will not be saved o your mobile phone after closing these tabs. Also, you will be able to organize the web in a way that makes it easier for you to find the content that you are looking for. As a result, you will be able to enjoy more convenience when finding and managing your content online.

You will be able to enjoy Microsoft rewards if you search with Bing and find shopping deals online. However, this is usually applicable if you reside in the United States. The improved version usually comes with features that offer a familiar layout to Chrome users.

You will note that these features usually cover domains of privacy, customizable content, targeted advertising and so much more. Here, you will have more control over your online activity than other browsers. Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative browser to use, Microsoft Edge should top the list.

Browsing the internet is fun. There is a lot of content online that can be valuable to you. These browsers have proved to be very effective in 2021. Consider these browsers today and you will not be frustrated. Your browsing experience will be taken to another level. Honestly, these browsers are truly incredible.

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