The 3 Best Platforms To Upload Your Music Online For Free

As a musician, you will have a keen interest in being where people are looking for music.

You don’t just want your music to be on the larger services company, which you can access through a music distributor.

You want new fans to be able to find you also through new services and blogs.

Here are 3 websites and apps to upload, share, and promote the music that you may not have considered yet.

Best Platforms To Upload Your Music Online For Free

Best Platforms To Upload Your Music Online For Free

Promote your music with a website

It is important to have a platform where you control your music, your content, and the group’s image: your website.

If promoters or fans are looking for you online, the first thing they should come across is your music group’s website.

Get present on Spotify

Uploading your music to Spotify has a lot of advantages, the main one being its great reach. 

Millions of users around the world use Spotify to download music through their computers or mobiles.

The newest artists have the opportunity to appear through the tool “Discover” and “Radar News” that connects the music of the same style.

Upload your videos on YouTube

Did you know? Artists like Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen.

The platform gives you the perfect opportunity to organize playlists, present your music videos, and show your anecdotes behind the scenes.

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