Best Graphic Design Software (Free & Paid)

best-graphic-design-software-techtolaA talented Graphic designer can transform an eye-catching design through intuitive controls and best programming. They require the best graphic software to design the layouts. There is a lot of software available in the market for providing vector-based designs.

There are a lot of questions about getting the best Graphic Design Software. While choosing the best software, you should decide if you are looking for flexibility or responsiveness. It might happen that you are looking for software which should be simple and not too expensive.

These are the listed software which is considered as the best one with the best features and performance.

1. Adobe Photoshop


This is the most popular software which is used by lots of designers across the world. If you are a graphic designer and want to create banners, posters, logos, and websites then this is the best software that would create effective designs. This tool would help to create sophisticated designs and has got the features to create illustrative designs.

The software would help to isolate the subjects from the backgrounds. It has got the features to create custom brushes. It would work in both Windows and Mac platforms. The software would help in creating naturalistic artwork. It has got the latest composition which would help in defining the size of the canvas. If you are looking for any manipulation then the Adobe Photoshop is the best one that has got in-built classic features.

The software offers subscription services and it is available with 30 days trial plan. If you want to subscribe for lightroom and Lightroom classic then it is available at $9.99 per month. This would provide 20 GB of cloud storage. There is one more plan available which is known as Creative Cloud that would cost $52.99 per month. There are various packages available for both professional and academic people.

2. Sketch


This software focuses mainly on designs and is digital-centric. Graphic designers use this software to create modern applications, websites, and interfaces. The sketch is not like Photoshop and it is neither used for editing pictures nor printing. It only supports Mac platforms. This is a unique software that can create prototypes and would assist in collaborating with other designers on a similar platform.

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Sketch has got loads of plugins and also got a smart feature that would help in creating layouts. The components in this application would help in resizing based on content. Digital icons on this software would assist in vector editing and would help in designing works along with precisions.

The sketch software is popularly used for designing user interfaces and unique applications for the websites. It is popular because it is less expensive and is compatible with the beginner’s level. This software is available at a cost of $99 per year for a single device. The majority of the designers prefer sketch files instead of files that are created through Photoshop. Designers can help in creating live compositions through tapping and swiping techniques.

3. Adobe Illustrator


This software is utilized by graphic designers to create vector designs. The designers can create extensive artworks that are calibrated with posters and icons. Adobe Illustrator is generally used to create business cards or various billboards. This software can be used to produce designs that are compatible to be presented from smartphones to 8k Screens. The tool is majorly utilized to draw and make them spectacular by mixing and refining the designs. Adobe has created this graphic designing application which is a mobile version. This is the best graphic designing application that utilizes sharper tools to produce vector shapes.

Illustrator has got the unique feature of geometric shapes and can create outlines, which can be reshaped and scaled. This software has got fonts that can help in manipulating as per the requirement. This software is majorly utilized by both beginners and professionals to design templates with proper utilization of time. Adobe Illustrator can be used in both Windows and Mac platforms.

Adobe Illustrator has got a sharper tool that can adjust weight along with slant or width. This software can help in creating designs and produce sketches. The graphic designers can produce extensive projects with adobe illustrators and can create animations. This software is available at a cost of $20.99 per month. If you are looking for the full creative cloud then it is available with a price of $52.99 per month. This software has got a wide variety of tools and also supports editing. Adobe illustrator has got a user interface which is very friendly and has got advanced level with a steep learning curve.

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4. Affinity Designer


This is an impressive tool and it is available at a low budget. The software is used as an alternative to adobe illustrator because of its low cost. Affinity Designer is available for the designers, who are stepping into the designing field at their early stage and heading towards a career for becoming a professional. This software helps the designers to operate smoothly and can create a unique workflow. Creativity has got a modern tool that can assist to move and zoom the artwork at 60 fps.

Technology has made this software unique for its gradients, effects, and adjustments that would help in transformation along with curves while editing. This tool can be used to work on both vector and raster workspaces. Designers can easily switch between these workspaces. Advanced color controls are incorporated in this software which would help to function with RGB or LAB color spaces that can be extended up to 32 bits for each channel.

This software is compatible with any device and can produce unlimited artboards within the same platform. There is a wide range of toolsets available which would help in changing the spaces, gutters, subdivisions, and angles along with other features in the field of graphic designing.

Affinity designer has got a powerful feature that is utilized to produce vector files and assists in high-level performance. This graphic designing tool is available for $49.99 and can be utilized by beginners and also professionals who have reached the advanced level. There are certain tools which are offered by illustrator are not available in affinity designer.


If you are serious about becoming an expert in graphic design, then these tools would help a lot in becoming an expert. This is always tricky to choose the right software. However, it depends on the Graphic designers to opt for the best software that would assist in creating their styles as per the requirement. Technology always produces modern software. Hence, a Graphic designer should always stay updated with the modern tools that would help them to be placed in the apex of their profession.

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