Top 5 Best Free Online PDF Editing Tools [2022]

best-pdf-editing-software-2020Chances are, you have ever seen a document in PDF format in the past. PDF is very popular out there because of its feature to maintain the same formatting regardless of the operating system and hardware. This has made many business people prefer documents that are in this format when conducting different transactions. If you are dealing with documents in PDF format, you need to have a PDF editing software. The following are 5 Best Free PDF Editing Software you should consider:

1. Sedja PDF editor

This is one of the few editors that allow you to edit your pre-existing test in the PDF format without adding a watermark. Most editors usually allow you to edit your text and then add watermarks all over the place. However, this software is quite different. With this software, you will not have to deal with watermarks all over your document.


Also, this software is web designed for speedy PDF work. Therefore, it will be easy for you to get going without having to download another program to assist you. The good news is that you can get this software in two different versions. There is both a desktop and an online version.

For instance, if you choose the desktop version, you can be sure that it will support more font types. However, it does not allow you to add PDFs by URL. The online version supports online storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

It comes with a web integration tool that allows PDF publishers to provide a link to their users out there. Different users out there can simply click that link to open different files in the online PDF editor. It is worth noting that all the files that you upload on this software will be automatically deleted after two hours.

When using this app, it will be very difficult to mess anything up. This software can help you add a signature in any random PDF. It is simple to use and offers only basic text editing for the files you upload. This software can work well on mobile devices and computers.


1. It allows you to load different PDFs from other websites.
2. The software allows you to add hyperlinks.
3. It comes with a signature tool.
4. You can insert images and shapes into your PDF document.


1. This software can only be used on 3 PDFs every hour
2. It does not edit PDFs that are larger than 50 MB
3. It is limited to PDFs with lower than 200 pages
4. It is not secured as other PDF editors.

2. Inkscape

This is a free and open-source image viewer and editor. Besides being able to view and edit your image, it comes with PDF editing functions that other PDF editors offer in their paid editions. It comes with drawing tools, vector graphics, and text editing capabilities. With this software, you will be able to edit different images.


To be able to utilize it, you should be familiar with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and so on. This is because this software might be a bit advanced for you. With this software, you will be able to create a document and even export it in PDF format.

Also, you can import a PDF and even edit it within the tool. When it comes to PDF editing you should only use this software when you want to delete or edit a certain image or text in the PDF. If you are looking for a software that can enable you to add visual interest to your PDF, this software is the ultimate solution for you.

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1. It allows you to edit PDF texts.
2. This software supports the manipulation of graphics.
3. It comes with many image-editing tools.
4. It is fairly simple and easy to use.


1. Sometimes, the number of graphic editing tools can be overwhelming.
2. You cannot create a PDF from scratch
3. Sometimes, it can have complex features that are hard to comprehend
4. It cannot save documents to some documents file formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, and so on.

3. Smallpdf online PDF editor

If you want to add images, shapes, text, and even signatures fast, you should consider using this tool. Here, you will be able to upload your PDF document and make some changes to it. Later, you can then save it back to your device without having to create a user account or even pay for any Anti-watermarking features.


With this software, you will be able to open or even save your PDF to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. Also, it allows you to save your work on the computer. If you want to import 3 shapes into a PDF, you can readily do it using this tool. These shapes can be a circle, square, or even an arrow. Besides this, it allows you to change the main color and line color of an object as well as the thickness of its edge.

If you notice that the texts are too small for you, you can enlarge them easily. Also, it allows you to change the color of these texts. Here, you can readily choose the color that pleases you. Once you have edited your PDF, you can click the download and later save your document. You can even generate a share link for your document.


1. It is completely free
2. It allows you to add more text to the PDF
3. The software allows you to put white spaces in those areas that you want to erase.
4. Can load and even save PDFs from various sources


1. It does not allow you to edit existing text
2. Sometimes, you might be limited to the number of PDF documents you can edit every hour.
3. It is not very secure
4. You are likely to experience file compression issues

4. PDFscape online PDF editor

The good news is that this editor comes with a myriad of interesting features. You can readily use it as long as your PDF does not exceed 100 pages. With this software, you can be sure that you will add your own texts, links, images, and even form fields.


Since this tool is very customizable, you will be able to pick your size, color, font color, alignment, and so on. Also, it allows you to apply effects such as bolding, underlining, and even italics.

If you like drawing, you can easily do it on your PDF document when using this editor. Besides drawing, you will be able to add sticky notes and even put white space over anything that you want to disappear. You will be able to insert lines, strikethrough texts, checkmarks, ovals, circles, and many more.

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Supposing a certain page did not please you, you can readily delete it from the PDF document. Also, it allows you to rotate different pages in your PDF document. You can crop them and even reorganize them the way you please.

Besides this, you can add more pages from other PDFS. Once you are done with editing, you can upload your PDF file. You can also paste the URL to an online PDF or even make your own PDF from scratch.

This editor allows you to save your work on your computer once you have finished the editing work. You do not need to have a user account to do this. You only need to have a user account if you want to save your progress online without having to download the PDF.


1. It works well with different web browsers.
2. This editor comes with many editing tools
3. It allows you to delete and add PDF pages
4. This editor allows you to add your own text and images.


1. It cannot edit existing text
2. It limits the PDF size and page length.
3. You cannot create a PDF.
4. Desktop version is not available for Mac

5. PDFescape

This is an outstanding Windows 10 pdf editor. Compared to Adobe Acrobat, this editor is better as it comes with some incredible features. First, it is a free online PDF editor that can help you edit your PDF the way you please. It is also known to be a form filler, form designer, and annotator. These features work in harmony. Therefore, you do not need to look for a separate software for each function.


With this editor, you will be able to convert other PDFs to other formats. You can add signatures and even fill different PDF forms. It gives you a complete solution to edit all the PDF documents you have on your computer.

When using this editor, you can readily add text, white out previous content, and even add images. Also, you will be able to rotate and zoom in other documents. Although this editor is a multi-faceted application, it normally takes up little memory.


1. It comes with a simple design. Here, both beginners and pros can use it seamlessly.
2. It has OCR technology that allows you to edit or extract PDF files from scanning.
3. It allows you to edit the background of your PDF pages.
4. It supports combining several PDFS into one.


1. The free version places a watermark on the PDF.
2. It has limited features when used as a free PDF editor.
3. It requires an internet connection for updates and editing documents.
4. Documents protected with a password cannot be edited using this editor.

You should not struggle when you want to edit your PDF files. All you need to do is to download any of these editors and you will be able to manipulate your PDF the way you please. Also, you will be able to save your work later for future retrieval. Consider these free PDF editor software today and you will not be frustrated. These editors are truly incredible.

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