Audio Renderer Error Please Restart Your Computer

Fix “audio renderer error, please restart your computer” in YouTube:

Many YouTube content creators are working across the globe and uploading their fantastic content.

While uploading or streaming, many users face this error “audio renderer error please restart your computer”. You can fix them in many ways.

How to fix the audio renderer error, please restart your computer?

audio renderer error please restart your computer
audio renderer error please restart your computer

Unfortunately, problems with audio in Windows are more common. then we are thinking of it, but as soon as you can get done with this problem, it will be better.

As it slows your work and makes you fall off from the dedicated deadlines. Let’s follow some simple methods to fix this issue whenever you face it:

Turning on your desktop:

Now, restart is mostly workable in all such situations. As sometimes, your PC might need a quick reboot, to fix a certain problem.

You can again turn on the computer but always prefer to plug out external devices.

Perform the Audio Troubleshooting:

This process can be done by simply open the setting and select “fix the audio troubleshooting”. It will fix the main issue automatically with this.

You see the message of “audio renderer error please restart your computer” will disappear from the YouTube stream.

Unplug and Re-plug your audio devices:

Now many times, the devices of the audio are not detected by the desktop. This can direct you to a sudden change in the default settings, and it can also turn off your microphone and speaker.

Simply unplug the connected headset and replug it after a while.

Driver settings need to be changed:

This method simply means to turn off and reinstall your drivers. Sometimes the drivers are corrupted or get disabled.

Either you can re-install them if corrupted. Or enable them if they are disabled.

For disabling/ enabling, simply press R which opens run, and type “devmgmt.msc” here in the managing devices, the sound option will appear. Disable/enable the sound to reboot the setting.

Update the audio drivers:

It might be possible that the audio drivers are out of date, so you need to make sure that they are updated on a regular base to avoid the audio renderer error.

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Changing the default computer brand setting:

Now there are a few default settings of each computer brand. There is a sound setting in the default settings.

If they are disabled and enabled again, it will start working. But make sure, you try other alternatives first before going with this option. And do consult a technical expert before changing any setting.

What does audio renderer error mean on YouTube?

Well, this error certainly means that the application or maybe your computer is facing any issue in detecting the default audio setting.

It stops the YouTube streaming from taking the audio and sound from your computer. Either for uploading and even for streaming.
And which in return leads to cause videos with no sound or maybe a simple black screen with the message written.

It happens also because of the corrupted drivers or old version drivers. The error “audio renderer error please re-start your computer”, is to indicate and let you know about checking the default settings and changing them as per the need.
However, there are several ways to check the possible error and take immediate action to restore the necessary settings.

You will not always be successful at first, but it is worth going through each of the steps to resolve the problem before throwing in the towel.

What is an audio renderer?

Audio renderer stream is kind of a sinking software which the media operates for getting the default audio setting from your computer.

It can either be for a single-use or even for multiple uses.
Here it depends on the quality of the audio that your computer comes with the default setting. There are chances that people face the issue of “audio renderer error please restart your computer”.

But you can simply detect the issue and fix it. The audio renderer is widely used at online platforms like YouTube, web-browsers, entertainment, and media, etc.

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How do I reset my sound settings on my computer?

This change can be made by following a very simple method:

Just go to the settings of the computer, click on system settings.

Then go to the Sound option, look for the Advance sound option, and click on it.

After scrolling down, you will find the reset button, click on it and the sound setting is set again.

You can even change the sound settings and reset them for each application on your computer. Make sure while streaming on YouTube, the “audio renderer error please restart your computer” does not appear.

Why can’t I hear anything on my computer?

This problem generally occurs due to the default sound settings are changed and maybe not suitable for the application.

There might be chances that the drivers are not updated, got corrupted by a virus or external attack.

It might also be the case, where only on YouTube you find the “audio renderer error please restart your computer” message.
But in reality, the background sound works. Make sure to fix the problem immediately.

Why is the sound not working?

The sound may not work if the default settings are changed, drivers are not updated, the renderer stream does not detect the settings, or the drivers are corrupted due to some virus attack.

The process is very simple to change the default setting. Make sure you consult a technical expert first before changing anything which harms your computer.

Can a bad HDMI cable cause no sound?

When using an HDMI audio/video connection, audio output problems can cause an inability to listen to the sound output from an external device connected to the computer.

Failure to hear audio through an HDMI cable can be caused by a faulty digital audio output cable or being disabled in the computer sound settings.

Along with that, there is no sound which leads to the “audio renderer error, please restart your computer”. Make sure that your audio drivers are updated and synced well with the computer.

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