Another Computer is Using The Printer

Things to know about “another computer is using the printer” error:

Often when you want to print any important from your laptop/computer you look for printing options. Opening the document in any format you can print it easily by right-clicking and selecting print.

And after selecting for print, many times it works and prints your document. This is when all the setting is properly done between the computer and the printer.

Another Computer is Using The Printer
Another Computer is Using The Printer

But sometimes, as you want to print, you will notice a message appearing in the status, “another computer is using the printer”. Now, what exactly does this error message mean? We try to fix it without getting the appropriate knowledge.

What does it mean when it says another computer is using the printer?

This message simply means that there is a severe disturbance while printing because your default printer is not detected.

You need to reload your printer and its driver which can help you with the printing function.You need to double-check what is the problem. As it is not the case of another computer is using the printer which you already installed.

As it is hindering and stops your work, you should make sure to get it to fix as soon as you can. This can be done by the following 2 methods with some simple steps:

How do you fix another computer is using the printer?

Fixing this problem does not lead to see of the third party. As in most cases, the chance of issue in default printer detection is more.

So, to fix and solve this problem, there are to methods that you can follow. The base function of both of them are the same, just the approach is different.

So, let’s see which one suits you better:

Setting default printer with control panel:

In the blank box (search engine) type control panel or only control and click OK. A window will immediately appear showing our Control Panel.
Locate devices and printers. With the left-click mouse button, click on it.
In the Printers part, you can see the printers that are in your system. Locate the printer that you want as default with the right-click.
“Set as default printer” will appear, and you’re all set to install your printer via internet connection.

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Setting default with settings option:

Go through Settings. With the same process, typing in the search engine.

You can see the printers and scanners. Click on the option where it says allows you to manage my default printer.

Now locate the printer that you want to place as default.

After following any of the above-mentioned methods, turn off your computer and unplug the printer attached to it.

Then after a few minutes, turn on the computer and plug the printer. Make sure your internet connection is working.

Try to print your document and you will see that it will be printed. Hence, the problem is solved with no complexity.

What connects a printer to a computer?

What connects a printer to a computer
What connects a printer to a computer

Most common network printers can be connected using a cable or wireless connection. In the very known method to all, the device is connected to a computer that acts as a Hub to be detected by all the other devices that are part of the network.

Wi-Fi takes advantage of the wireless connectivity that is integrated into the printer itself. Of course, these devices are more expensive than those with cable.

First of all, as for any other printer, the necessary drivers must also be installed for the network printer, supplied with the CD or downloadable from the manufacturer’s website.

But do make sure of not having the error message “another computer is using the printer” while printing.

What does it mean when another device is using your IP address?

The procedure for installing a network printer using an IP address is done widely.

Now many times the IP address is changed and the message appears “another computer is using the printer”.

It is nothing but the change in the format of the IP address that was originally given.

It is also possible that you might need to unpair other connected devices as well.

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At this point, the procedure continues automatically, unless you want to use the connection with WPS technology.

Also, in this case, the network printer will have to connect via Wi-Fi and it is essential to know the IP address to configure all the devices that will be used for printing, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Where can I use a computer and a printer?

A network printer is used to wirelessly connect multiple computers or portable devices to print from.

In offices or commercial spaces, they are very common, but also in the home they are convenient for the user to print quickly with a single device.

Utility in the office and at home:

In-office the use of computer and printer is done hand in hand and accessed by multiple users one by one, every day.

While at home, there’s probably only one user who would want to print, that too occasionally.

Each usage faces the problem of “another computer is using the printer” error message.

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How to print without a printer?

There can be a case when you have to print and don’t own a printer. You always need to make sure your remote network printer is paired with all your gadgets and switched on all the time.

In these cases, there are numerous ways to stem the problem that is mentioned below:

Whether you have created documents on your PC, tablet, or mobile phone, print via connecting to a printer already configured by creating a connection via the cloud or simply using services shared printing.

Bring the content to be urgently printed on a USB stick and physically contacting an authorized shop, or using the multiple online operators.

Associate a printer with a Google account. After tuning, proceed by choosing the Add Printer option.

Open your document from Google Chrome from any mobile device and select the print option from the browser. In this case, it is necessary to turn on the printer used remotely.

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