Airdroid Group Messaging

Airdroid group messaging

Airdroid group messaging create problem in those days. We have previously analyzed AirDroid, as it is one of the best Android applications to send SMS from your computer.

In addition to checking and texting, you can access photos, videos, and music, move files, and  view notification more.

How to fix Airdroid group messagingHow to fix Airdroid group messaging

It is very sad that Airdroid group messaging not supported on AirDroid, Airdroid group messaging you can’t do on your desktop.

But Airdroid developer trying to solve this problem. They are also talking about it. As soon as possible Airdroid group messaging support on your device.

How to connect

To get started with AirDroid, install the app on your Android device. Once it’s ready, go to on your computer and you will see a QR code.

You should Click the Scan icon at the top of the screen on your phone and scan the QR code to connect the two.

Connecting our Android with the computer and being able to move files quickly between one and the other without forgetting to be able to see the screen of the mobile or tablet on the PC.

For my taste and needs, it does too many more things than I need but it is true that what it does, it does very well.

From there, simply click on the Messages icon in AirDroid to start managing your text messages. The free version has some limitations but is fine for basic use. And although AirDroid offers an iOS version, it doesn’t allow you to access text messages.

In the new version

In addition to fixing a few bugs, the option to reply to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages directly from the computer has been added.

All we will need is to have AirDroid installed on both devices so that, once we receive the notification, we can click on it and write directly from the PC.

Strengthening ties between PC and AndroidStrengthening ties between PC and Android

To use it, all we need is to have a device with Android 4.4 or higher. If we meet this requirement and we have the latest version of AirDroid installed, we just have to go to the application settings menu and in “Notification Mirror” activate the option to start receiving messages on the computer screen.

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By doing this, every time we receive a notice from WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, the option to reply will appear.

The integration is very successful and is one more addition to an application that offers many options. However, if we are looking for simple integration between WhatsApp and our computer, there are other more affordable alternatives without the complexity of AirDroid. For Facebook Messenger, we will always have the web version.

In the case of WhatsApp:

we have on the one hand the web form where we can reply to messages and follow our conversations but, in my opinion, they do not have a multi-device integration as good as Telegram for example.

The other option, and the most useful for me, is to use PushBullet.

In Engadget Android, we have already talked about PushBullet and the possibilities it offers. With this application, we can receive mobile notifications on the computer and interact with them.

In fact, recently it allows you to respond to WhatsApp messages in addition to SMS, among others.

In addition, if we install it with the computer extension. We can share files from the PC to Android by just pressing a couple of buttons.

How to connect Android from PC and transfer files offlineHow to connect Android from PC and transfer files offline

AirDroid is a veteran application that makes a necessary bridge between the PC and your Android mobile so that you can manage it from the comfort of your PC: view your images, read your messages or even manage your phone remotely.

How to activate Google’s RCS messages on any Android?

RCS Messages (Rich Communication Service) is a service that has not yet been implemented in all countries; It was designed with the intention of displacing the classic text messages that we know from telephone operator services such as SMS (Short Message Service) and thus trying to compete with messaging apps like WhatsApp. Learn in this post how to activate Google’s RCS messages on your Android.

What advantages could Google’s RCS messages offer us?

Although we already enjoy excellent messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, the Google company is also willing to offer a new alternative with the RCS messages of its Google Messages application, launched almost at the end of 2019; which, like other chats, includes read receipts, response indicators or sharing multimedia files.

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How can I use these messages on my Android?

Despite the fact that the RCS protocol is not available worldwide (in the United Kingdom, France and Colombia, in Spain it is supported by Vodafone and Orange); It is possible to use the service between your contacts with the Google Messages app, as long as you have a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi signal to use the chat functions offered by said application.

Think that in case costs are limiting your ability to use applications, you can have the option of Google Pass and take advantage of promotions in applications of this brand.

This happens because RCS messages can be used between people (P2P) or also between companies and people (A2P).

However, you must have the application updated and if you do not have it you must download, install and configure it as your default message application.

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The application is downloaded from the Google Play page

At the following address: and then proceed with its installation, then You will have to do the following steps to make it your default application.

You look among the icons and press the “Settings” button and then go to the option “Applications and notifications> Advanced> Default applications> SMS application”.

You will immediately see a screen where you can select the Google Messages application to be the default messaging application for your Android mobile.


Now that you’ve followed these tips, you can see Airdroid group messaging. Do you have any other tips you’d like to share with other readers? So leave it in the comment box below.

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