AirDroid Free Version Features

Air Droid is an app that allows you to run your Android phone from your PC. And you can keep a backup of your Android apps.

Free account: 200MB remote data quota can be used monthly. In free account remote mode, in case cannot use many personal Airdroid benefits.

Premium Account: The premium account is no upper limit, and you can use freely as you can  all the premium remote services.

AirDroid free version features

There are also many other benefits. For example: –

You will also get many more benefits through this app. No data cable is required to connect this app to your PC.

You can connect directly via wifi or internet. Download AirDroid from this Google Play link.

The interface is very similar to a regular desktop on your computer. Each icon launches a corresponding application to control your phone.

There are also many other benefits available.

File transfer

You can transfer any files to your smartphone without installing additional software, synchronizing and uploading to the “cloud”.

You can also manage all your phone files from your computer.

Remote control

For full control of a smartphone, you need root rights or a USB connection in debug mode.

The developers promise full control of the smartphone, as if they were physically behind it.

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