Airdroid Alternative Applications to Send SMS

In fact, it is very easy to share files on Android and there are many options currently available to you.

If you want to transfer data from your phone to your PC.

Certain apps like AirDroid make it much easier to move files to your Android device.

AirDroid is an Android application that transfers files using WiFi.

You can also manage text messages on your desktop, import and export multimedia content, locate your phone using the GPS tracker, copy applications and much more.

Airdroid Alternative Android Applications to Send SMS

If you are looking for an alternative for AirDroid, check out these recommendations.


If there is an application close to the characteristics of AirDroid that would be AirMore.

It is also a web application that allows you to transfer files between your phone and your computer over a wireless network.


SuperBeam allows you to share files with NFC or QR. This application is known for its file transfer speed using direct WiFi.

There are different themes available in this application for a better user experience.

If you are using the SuperBeam free version, you will get rid of the ads.

You can send files to more than one device at a time. You can have unlimited historical records and many other functions.


Another alternative that it can be used for is PushBullet.

As with other applications, it allows you to quickly transfer files and send messages directly from the desktop for faster speed.

With Pushbullet, you can also view all notifications from your smartphone on PC.

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The timing is so good that if you try to clear the toast notification it will also be rejected on the phone.

You must purchase to use In-App products to take advantage of high-quality features.

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