Advantages Of Playing Game On Console

Playing on the console also has its advantages, and one of them is exclusive games.

Microsoft opened itself completely and completely to the PC from Xbox One X, allowing cross-play and enjoying a game on PC or Xbox regardless of the platform.

Which we buy it as long as we do it in its online store.

Advantages Of Playing Game On Console

However, at the moment many of their exclusives are still available only on their consoles, and if you want to play them, you will be forced to buy them.

Easier to use

An obvious reality is that the console is intended to be turned on, configured with a few parameters, inserted a game, and started playing.

The PC requires knowledge when setting up parts, as well as assembly, operating system installation, and configuration.

If you like to fiddle around and put everything to your liking, better a PC, but the simplicity of a console is still superior if you do not have much time to configure your gaming platform.


Although almost all friends are normally on Steam, there are more and more gaming platforms such as (Epic Store, Origin or

so you have to monitor all of them to You can see which friends are online to play with them and also talk to them.

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