ADV Screen Recorder Download For PC (Windows 10, 7, 8)

adv-screen-recorder-for-pcThere are times when you need to effectively record things happening on the screen of your device and you don’t know-how. If you have ever found yourself in such situations, don’t worry anymore. ADV Screen recorder is here for you!

Besides recording everything going on on the screen of your device, the app also records all boring and complicated interfaces and sans roots. The app is an excellent choice for video recording. It easily and effortlessly captures everything that takes place on your Android screen.

But what happens if you’re using your PC and you would like to record your screen activities? Can you use the app as well? Yes, you can. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about ADV Screen Recorder Download for PC.

Before proceeding to the features, you should understand that the ADV screen recorder app allows you to record your screen activities. You can use these recordings to create videos for different uses such as tutorials and video games which you can post on your YouTube channel. These recordings are also useful if you’re looking to create a video guide for your personal use.

Features of ADV Screen Recorder App

It allows you to record with multiple engines: default and advanced. The ADV screen recorder app doesn’t limit you to either the default or advanced engine. You have the freedom to use either of them depending on your preference or needs.

The next time you would like to use the app to record your screen activities, determine the suitability of each engine and pick what suits your needs best.


You can either pause your apps when recording or put them on a resume. Are worried about what to do with your apps when recording using an ADV screen recorder? Are you in a dilemma about whether to pause or allow them to run in the background?

ADV Screen recorder allows you to do as you wish. If you want your apps to play in the background as you record your screen activities, you are free to do so. If you want to pause them, you’re free to do so as well. Depending on your choice, you can either choose the app pause or resume based on what works best for you.

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You can either use the front or rear camera. This feature is useful to Android users whose smartphones come with both front and back cameras. By activating both cameras, a view appears at the corner of the screen which allows you a glimpse of both views.

Since PCs don’t come with a rear camera, the front camera becomes the primary feature. Fortunately, the app comes with a setup feature option that allows you to adjust the resolution, bitrate, and FPS for the recording.

It allows you to draw and write over the clip as you record the screen. We all love recording precious moments in our lives, sharing them with our loved ones, and keeping them for future reference. By including some captions and drawing on these clips, we make them more interesting and memorable.

Using the ADV screen recorder app allows you to write some special messages and drawings besides recording your screen recordings. All you have to do is pick your suitable color and write, doodle or point on the screen using your fingertip as you record. This app is a great choice for social media apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype.

If you’re a gaming fanatic, you can never go wrong with this app. You can record your gameplay and watch it later for the necessary amends or share it with your fellow gaming lovers. Besides, you can also share it on your YouTube channel and make money out of it or get the required criticism to enhance your skills.

Are you worried about your screen recording turning out in poor quality? ADV Screen recorder is here to save your day. The app records your screen activities in HD which guarantees you the quality of your videos especially if you intend to share them on social media and YouTube channels.

Customization is key when recording videos on your screen to share with your loved ones, on your YouTube and other social media platforms. Recording your screen activities with ADV screen recorder brings a range of customization options which makes your videos unique and outstanding.

Besides choosing a unique message or pattern to use on the screen, the app also allows you to choose your favorite color or text to customize your videos. In the end, you feel a great attachment with the videos as all their features reflect your taste, preference, and personality.

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It allows both video and audio recording. There are cases where you would like to record your activities in audio. ADV Screen recorder allows you to record your activities in audio without showing any images which makes it ideal for such cases. Therefore, with this app, you can enjoy both audio and videos of your recordings depending on the needs and circumstances at hand.


Is ADV Screen Recorder Good?

ADV Screen Recorder is an incredible video-recording app that guarantees a smooth and easy screen capturing of your activities. It is great for both smartphones and PCs.

Does ADV Screen Recorder Record Internal Audio?

ADV Screen Recorder adds internal audio capture on Android 10 thanks to the newly launched API. It is one of the first apps to use API to allow internal audio capture on version 4.1.

How Do I Turn Off ADV Screen Recorder?

When recording with ADV, the app indicates the length of your video with a timer. To stop or pause the recording, tap the timer icon, and select the relevant option. Once you finish recording, the app offers three options namely: trim, delete or share options in your notification window. You should select one of them as you desire.

How to Download ADV Screen Recorder For PC

It is impossible to download the ADV screen recorder for PC as it was originally designed for Android users. You need an emulator to successfully install this app on your PC. Read the process of downloading the ADV screen recorder for PC below.


  • Click on the ‘download BlueStacks‘ option to install the Android emulator to your PC.
  • Run the emulator and log into the Google Play Store.
  • Open the Google Play Store and either:
  • Import the apk file from your PC into your emulator and install it.
  • Find the ADV screen recorder in the search bar and download it.
  • Install ADV screen recorder for PC and enjoy using it.

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