Adobe Premiere Rush Video Editor for PC – Installation Guide

adobe-premiere-rush-video-editor-for-pc-windows-macAdobe Premiere Rush application is the mobile version for the famous Adobe Premiere Pro application. This application is iOS centric designed for people who love shooting on their iPhone. The app is entirely as long as you sign up for a free creative cloud account.

These Adobe multimedia has a more straightforward interface compared to the other Adobe video editing applications that people are used to. This is a perfect app for beginners who love shooting videos using their mobile phones. Have you got a funny clip recorded on your phone but feel the audio and the quality is not worth posting? Do not worry; you can use this application to edit and upload the clip on any of your social media sites.

What is Adobe Premiere Rush for PC?

Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing software used to edit any videos that you may have on your phone. It is a very powerful editing tool such that you can produce an HD video from the editing that you do use the application. The fact that it is powerful does not mean that it is only intended for professionals, amateurs can also use it. It has a straightforward interface, and anyone can use it.


If you feel like you can also use it alongside other applications, then you can purchase it along with apps like Adobe Photoshop or after-effects. You will only need to upload it from your device to the use then edit and save it to your device again.

How to use Adobe Premiere Rush for PC

As we have already mentioned above, both newbies and professionals can use this app to edit their video clips and upload them online. Have you downloaded the application on your phone, but you do not know how you can use it? Below are some instructions and some tips on how to use Adobe Premiere Rush.

1. Start by creating a new project by uploading a new video from your device by tapping the’+’ button. The application has different interfaces depending on the device that you use, but the features are all the same. You can also get the content from the cloud or shoot a new video for editing.

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2. After uploading your content, you will see the project type option where there are two common options for you. The first one is the automatic option where the application is allowed to create a video for including the soundtracks and the sequence of your clips if you have more than one. The second option is the freeform, where you can personally customize your clips.

3. Rearrange your clips or trim them according to your preference. There are so many editing options in the application, so you will go through the options and see what your clip or clips need, and you can apply it to your content.

4. Trimming of your clips allows you to remain with the right length of your clip or video.

5. This application also gives you the option to reduce or increase the pacing of your clip. If you do not like how fast or how slow your video is, then you can change the pacing of your clips using this application.

6. You can also change the sequence of your videos and your photos if you do not like the series of your clips. For instance, you might not like the way the application has arranged the images or the clips, consider changing it.

7. After all the editing is done, you will save the clip or clips and upload them on any of your social media sites you need.

Adobe Premiere Rush APK Features

Several excellent features make this application one of the best video editing applications in the market. Check some of them below:

Automatic creation of videos – after uploading some of your favorite videos, the app will automatically create edited videos from your clips if you choose the automatic option.

Great music tracks – with this application, you can easily add some of your best soundtracks, or you let the application add the inbuilt soundtracks.

Easy to use interface – you will not need a detailed tutorial to help you use this application. Whether an amateur or an experienced professional, you can easily use this application to edit your clips.

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Easy to share your edited videos – it is super easy for you to download the edited clips from the application.

How to download Adobe Premiere Rush on your PC

The app does not have a desktop version at the moment, but you can still download it on our PCs. There are two simple steps that you can use to download the application from your phone.

The first way is by installing the app using the Adobe Premiere Rush APK. You will download the APK on your PC then use it to download the application on your PC using the Nox emulator. The second way of downloading this application is by downloading the emulator on your PC.


As you can see, an Android emulator is the most important software when it comes to downloading Android apps on the computer. So you will need to download an emulator on your PC. There are multiple numbers of Android emulators in the market today, but the best and the most recommended one is the Nox Android emulator.

Follow the steps below to download Adobe Premiere Rush for PC

1. Download the Nox Android emulator on your PC. Once the apps have been installed on your computer, you will now log in to the Google account with your Gmail account.

2. Run the application’s APK on the emulator, and the application will start an automatic download. After installation, you can now use the app on your PC to maximum use.

Yes, downloading and installing Adobe Premiere on PC is that easy.


As we have already discussed in this article, the application can be sued by anyone since it is not completed or narrowed down for professional use only. As you have also seen the app has features that will enable you as a video editor to fully edit your videos or clips. So why don’t you try it out and elevate your editing skills?

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